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At A Loss, So Confused. My Happiness Is Drained... Please, Someone Explain.

So, I made the mistake of trying to pop a zit, and I think I may have overdone it. Forgive me if I'm too... descriptive. The first few weeks of June were hell. I have little tiny bumps all over my forehead, blackheads, whiteheads, and the occasional cyst. Very oily skin. (I remember distinctly telling myself that I'm going to stop picking, too... then this had to happen.)

It started out as a skin colored bump on my forehead, and I tried popping it. It swole up to the size of about my pink nail, and was painful. I can't take pain, or looking lumpy, so I kept at it. It never bled, or popped. Nor scabbed. It turned into this weird sore, red around a white center... my skin, probably dead. It looked gross, and I was afraid to put anything harsh on it, so I kept it bandaged with honey of all things... I looked, ridiculous. Well, time went on by, and I'd gotten some sun on it a few times, it hurt like hell, and turned red.

I've been using cocoa butter on it, and I've dermarolled twice since the beginning of August, with weeks to months between each time.(I think its helped)

So as of now, I dermarolled it three days ago, its peeling and pink, almost pale. It turns red when I massage it... is that normal?

It's not very deep. Less than half a dime, less than the thickness of printer paper. It's about as big as my pinky nail in size. But VERY shallow.

Though, one thing. When I lift my eyebrows, you can really see it, and it makes my forehead wrinkle differently, like uneven.

So, I have a few questions, and please comment with anything to help. I've been struggling with my skin for years.

Should I give it more time?

Is it possibly tethered down?

Will time help or make it worse?

Will it always turn red when I massage it, or will that go away?

Subscision, tca peel?

It's really distorting my view of myself, I know I could have deeper inda everywhere, but I'm the only one in my family with bad skin, on top of everything else I have... to deal with... so I can be happy -__-

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Try a salicylic acid peel, you can buy it on Amazon (cheaper than in stores). It makes acne scars disappear and worked pretty good for me.

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time..... be patient.......... i know that by this time you're already tired of waiting and really needing a miracle asap..... believe me i have been through that and still am...... unfortunately there is No Miracle cure for acne..... but there are still a lot of things that can help you fight through all of this Bullcrap!!!!

research, hydrate, weigh all your options, seek medical help if needed and try to avoid touching / picking at your skin!!!! TRUST ME!!! PICKING will do More HARM than good to your skin.... i found that staying away from mirrors helped me overcome my picking dilemma!

keep faith.....FIGHT and never give up!!!!!

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Yeah, I'm just impatient. I've been going through, and will be going through a lot of crazy stuff the next few years. I'm just being hard on myself because I can't get over that its my fault.

I mean its not just scars I've got to worry about. I'm supposed to get braces, and possibily even jaw surgery to correct my malocclusion. But then again, Medicaid might not cover my dental/skeletal issues because I'll be 18 in a few months. And I feel like if I don't get these things fixed I might as well just give up on everything, my dreams, my life. I don't mean to be such a downer, I just have so many issues in my life right now, and no one to talk to who understands :-(

I just wish there was something I can do on my own, I wish I never put myself through this...:/

That emoticon was not what it was supposed to be. Great, now my computer doesn't even understand me :c



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