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Hello All!

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I'm a 32 year old, fairly active male. Typically I surf at least two times per week and the majority of the time this does not include bathing after since its usually early in the morning.

Starting around twelve years of age I started showing signs on surface and subsurface acne. Then when I started playing g sports, which obviously involved a great deal of sweating, the acne went into full swing. During that time I went of frequent trips to see my dermatologist who would clear my back, butt and thighs of blackheads or pre-infection acne.

Eventually I was prescribed acutane because the frequent trips were useless and produced little if no improvement.

Everything went well and the usual results were what I experienced. However a year or two later I was back where I started.

Ever since then I've always been self-conscious about my appearance and even to this day I find myself not wanting to remove my shirt and even frightened to have a girl see me without my pants, regardless of the accomplishment in itself!

The acne only seems to be where fabric comes in contact with my skin, but no every ware... if I where pants, I will surely notice the acne spreading.

Recently I took a picture showing the surface type irritations that were not cystic, but red and spread out over a patch, also very painful. Furthermore, on my hips, waist, all the way up to my shoulders, I form fairly large blackhead type acne, but closed and no blackheads. These can become inflamed and cystic.

I am now officially on a mission to find the reason and create a methods of attack. Accutane was the other thing that really seemed to have done the trick, which leads me to believe that it could be more of an allergic reaction or an external irritant.

I have tried changing to allergy free soaps, liquid soap, no soap, so on... however, I'm stuck with cotton...

Hope some of you can help me and please feel free to message me if you feel you fit into my same category.

Thanks for this service!!!

Please excuse my tablet typos...



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