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Finger Sized Indentation On Forehead

I'm starting to get strange side effects from Accutane. I'm about to finish month 3. I'm currently on 40mg Claravis and weigh 145 pounds. I am male.

This morning, when I woke up and went to the mirror, I had an indentation on the left side of my forehead. It was as long and wide as a pinky finger. It looked like I had slept on someting shaped like a finger pressing into my forehead. The indentation was not extremely deep, but deep enough to be obvious.

I sleep with my hands at my sides, always on my back, so that nothing touches my face. I use a "half chair", or "study chair", in my bed, and put pillows on top of it. That way, it keeps me from turning to either side, and thus keeps me from sleeping on the side of my face.

It's 4:30pm now, 7 hours later....and the indentation is mostly gone, but still slightly there.

This is bizarre. I have no idea why my skin is doing this. I know Accutane makes the skin very dry, and it heals slower.

I've woken up with scratces on my face, just from my pillow, because my skin is so dry. That happened a few days ago, and was also scary to see. It looked like a cat had scratched me in my sleep on my right cheek.

But this indent on my forehead was really scary to see.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

please help :-(

thank you

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