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Hi everyone! First time poster here.

I have been using Ziana at night for about 8 weeks now. I definitely had a severe breakout during the first few weeks, but I have seen improvement recently, though I do have some work to do. It hasn't dried or irritated my skin; if anything, it's slightly more oily. I have fair skin so it has left me with some marks, mainly around my chin and jaw line.

Not too long ago I read about topically applying lemon juice and was very surprised to see it had higher ratings than some expensive prescription medications. I went out and bought some today, but I am unsure of when to use it. I use clindamycin phosphate pledglets in the morning and Ziana at night. I do not want to overwhelm my skin, but I am not sure how to incorporate it into my already busy skin care regimen.

Any advice/tips would help. Thanks!

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My doc started me on Ziana for homronal adult acne around my jawline... but told me to go ahead and use the Ziana over my entire face. My cheeks started breaking out really badly. I guess it was the "purging" period but either way it was really unsightly. I started using Philosophy Vitamin C powder mixed with Cerave Night Moisturizer at night after the Ziana and it works!! Its a bit expensive- about $30 but it will last you forever. You can actually see a major difference in the morning. Then in the morning I wash my face, use Paula's Choice 2%BHA exfolient and then the Vitamin C Powder mixed with a moisturizer.

Another product you can try for the marks is Paula's Choice BHA 9- Its fairly expensive too... $36 for a VERY small tube but I used it the last few nights under my Ziana and it seems to really help heal the breakouts and reduce the appearance of the hyper pigmentation. I just try to space everything 30 min- 1 hour apart to let products have some time to settle.

I don't know about the actual lemon juice or where in your routine it would fit... but I do know the products I mentioned above do work... and i have tried a lot of products!!! If you do... I would consider that like a toner/exfolient so that means it would go after you wash your face and before you apply your treatment. If you decided to mix the lemon juice in your moisturizer... you could do it after but I think it would ruin the consistency of your moisturizer. I would be sure... even if you have oily skin to use a lightweight moisturizer after all is said and done because vitamin c products create some sensitivity.

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