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Insanely Huge Clogged Pore... Feeling Anxiety.

So, I've been on accutane for 2 months and I have had this persistent, HUGE clogged pore. It isn't a blackhead, it's a hard, yellow-white clump lodged in my skin. When I stretch my skin, I can see the red edges of the inside of my skin around it.

My skin was just starting to get better, and all the enlarged pores were looking better, and now this. I'm absolutely terrified it's going to leave a hole in my face like blackheads sometimes do.

I took a small needle and poked at it briefly, but I didn't want to risk scarring or pushing it deeper so I stopped before I let the compulsive-picker side of me take over.

Please... is this going to come out on it's own? It looks like it's stuck, that it won't. is this going to leave a huge large pore in my face? =(

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It's infected, causing it to become big, probably puffy, and red and your nails are the last thing open skin needs. Be careful of the bacteria all over your hands and everywhereeeee, Try some neosporin and for the love of god leave it alone. :P

Don't need it to linger longer than necessary. I hope all goes well. :)

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