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Cumulative Dose Question


I am on my second course of accutane- just started month 3 and whilst looking on the net, I have come across the term cumulative dose and how you should try to achieve 120mg/kg. On my last course I was on 30mg for 2 months and 40mg for 3 months I weigh 45kg and i think the cumulative dose was 112 ( i think i've calculated it correct). On my last visit the nurse said I would be again taking accutan for 5 months- month 1- i was on 25mg, month 2-40mg and now month 3- 40mg I believe it will remain like this for remaining 2 months. However, I have worked out that my cumulative dose will this time be 115... I live in the UK and the nurse has never mentioned this, my next appointment is on 18th october- shall i mention this as I am really scared about relapsing. After my first course I was acne-free for about 6months and then started to get huge cysts on face which were very unsightly and painful! I have worked out that I would need to be on accutane for 5months 1 week to reach this cumulative dose- do you guys think the nurse would be okay with this?? (My first appointment was with a dermatologist who agreed accutane at 40mg for 5 months and then I was told that from then onwards the nurse would see me- the nurse decided to start me on a low dose for month 1 and then upped this to 40mg from month 2 onwards. I am really impressed with my results so far and i'm sooo worried that my face is going to return to how it was prior accutane/ even worse like after my first course.


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