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Hi, im two days into my accutane treament of 10mg per day, anyway my question was that what should i use while on accutane as in facewash? I have noticed sone drying up of my skin occuring, i usually wash my face with a salyclic acid face wash but am noticing my face is getting redder and dryer. Would dove soap be a good alternative? I also take u cant use bp on this treatment as i had some spots which i applief bp to and unusually they have gone very dry and dark now indicating dead skin, how should i fix these? So if someone could please advise me on what i have metioned i would be very greatful.

Thank you

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Use a non-medicated wash, preferable one that doesn't have SLS in it. Some people swear by Cetaphil and Purpose (both which have SLS in it) but i recommend something with the least amount of ingredients.

No BP either as it will further irritate and dry out your skin.

Leave your face alone and accutane will do its thing

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I found the QV gentle wash really good, better than the cetaphil even. I also use Urederm (it's a 10% urea cream) as a moisturizer. I got it for eczema I was getting on my hands due to the accutane but it was so good I started using it on my face and haven't looked back.

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