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Question For The Women, Possibly Tmi

I am currently about 6 weeks into my Accutane course.

For the past 2-3 years, I have had a hard cyst-like knot on my bikini line. It doesn't hurt, but it is hard and seems to fluctuate in size from say, dime-size to nickel-size. I asked my waxer about it when I first noticed it and she said it was possibly and ingrown hair and to just keep exfoliating the area. Well that was a couple of years ago and it is still there so doubt that it is an ingrown hair. I've both waxed and shaved the area and neither seem to aggrevate it. I know that there are lymph nodes in the area so I then asked my dr. about it. She didn't seem to concerned that it was anything serious. Like I said, no pain, no real inflammation, just a hard little knot that sometimes fluctuates in size. Does anyone get cysts or anything like this? I'm curious as to if it may go away with the Accutane.

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did you show it to your dermatologist or primary care doctor? the way you describe it does not seen to me that is actually a cystic, it could be something else, because it increase in size from time to time, i suggest you to show it to your primary doctor and dermatology (both), so that you have two different opinion, your primary care doctor can referral you to do a biopsy and of course you dermatology specialize in skin care so in my opinion i will be good idea to let her see it.

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I have had a cyst under my armpit for a couple of years. It's the same thing for me. It gets bigger after I shave, and it doesn't hurt at all. I've been to the doctors as well. I was told that it's fine, but I should go back if it becomes painful or larger than normal.

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