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Help! What Is This? I Had A Recurring Cyst Here Two Or Three Weeks Ago, Got A Cortisone Injection, And Now I'm Seeing The First Serious Acne Scar

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I read horror stories about how people scarred due to Accutane, something that never happened to me. The best and nicest my skin was on (as a teen) was on Accutane so I went on it for three six month cycles. Now, I still have hormonal acne, but what's worst is that I'm starting to scar. http://i.imgur.com/RiPAM.jpg

The scar in question is here. http://i.imgur.com/kUsT3.jpg

I'm on 50 mg-100 mg of Aldactone--have been since Sept 2009--and it's for maintenance, but I still get small, red cysts/nodules/papules and bruises are left over. My face is covered with acne marks, enlarged indented pores, and these (image enclosed).One of the images is of a deep, noticable indendation--a collapsed fold--along the corner of my mouth. I'm begging to wonder if I don't have keloid scarring in my chin crease and ice pick or box car in the nasolabial folds (along the sides of my nose).

On Aldactone, it seems, my skin has become so nastily inflexible that I'm getting my first deep, deep frown line. I know it might be aging, but I'm only 25. I was on Accutane in my early 20s and it wasn't nearly this bad.

What can I do? I've used Retin-A on my face (cheeks, nose, chin) on and off since age 15--it only seemed to help close pores when I was on Accutane, and now, all it seems to do is make me purge in little ulcer-y nodules I hate it but I would like to rebuild my skin. Because the Aldactone makes me so greasy and my hair is always breaking, if my hair touches my face, I get sideburn/cheek cysts, as you can see.

This is horrible. I shudder to think what I would do if I didn't have insurance.

I'm scared of doing a peel because I just started laser hair removal on my cheeks but if I could do it at home on this one spot, it'd be okay. The laser hair removal is also so expensive ($400). How much down-time is there for Fraxel or subcision? How many treatments are there on average?

Is there a way to heal an indentation like that without having to throw more money down the drain?

I have Aczone for my cheeks that I'm starting (seeing no results) and Tazorac, which caused a little rubbery papules on the side of the nose I put it on. I used an old sample of Rosac (sulfur) cream--blackheads all over.

I would like to avoid going back to 100 mg of Aldactone because I genuinely hate this drug and it is making my hair fall out.

Lately I've been using Bandaids and have Neosporin and Dr. Sheffield's scar gel (it's crap, but it has onion bulb and the same ingredients as Mederma). I've also been using this in the place of Vitamin C gel. http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B00138YNSI

Could a cheap copper product from Neutrogena or something like this help with acne marks/scars? It's not SkinBiology.http://www.hsn.com/b...3425841_xp.aspx

So it might not be effective.

What about Dermarolling, which I'm reading up on Ebay? There are so many shitty dermarollers offered--should I just order one with an FDA license? Maybe a microneedle?

I'm furious that I'm now in a place where I can't go back on Accutane and the only things I have access to are not helping with adult acne.

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