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Dermarolling - Can It Do Harm?

Basically I have a few minor rolling scars on my cheek, they don't really bother me. I never though about treating them anytime soon as they are not serious. But when I came across dermarolling as an inexpensive way to get rid of (various?) scars, I thought I might give it a try as it can be done at home vs. other methods that require professionals. I am thinking, can it do any harm or just worst case scenario I will see no results? My mindset is basically: may as well give it a go and if it works, thats great, if not it doesn't matter as it doesn't bother me. But then again, they are needles and I am a little paranoid with rolling needles all over my face.

I have a few questions with doing this at home if I decide to go ahead:

Is there any websites/acne.org guide for derma rolling?

Do I need some other creams and sterile solutions for preparation?

What factors influences the needle thickness selection? Is it the thicker the better or it really depends on the type of scar?

Can I just use it casually? As I mentioned, it doesn't bother me so I might just do it very infrequently, would that compromise the treatment or just slow it down?

Thanks for any tips!

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I bought a 0.05mm derma roller. I use it once or twice a week. I have used it a total of four times. I have not noticed any improvements on my scars yet. I have noticed an overall improvement in my closed comedones. I had a face full of them and since derma rolling they have gotten way better. I know you're not supposed to roll over acne but, doing so helped mine.

It makes topicals penetrate better so why not use a small roller for stubborn acne.

I have boxscars and other weird shaped scars that have defined edges.

Wish I would of got the derma stamp first. To me stamping a scar seems like it would work better than rolling over it. Don't get me wrong though I love the derma roller! It made my non inflamed acne much much better. Try the stamp first.

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