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Pimple Under My Lip Has Caused Lower Lip To Swell - See Doctor?

Woke up yesterday with a swollen lower lip (the right hand side more so than the left, so it isnt just standard swelling from dryness). Woke up today with it even more swollen. Theres a pimple just below the area so im thinking the infection must have spread or something. I've had this happen once before and i went to the doctor who gave me a weeks antibiotics and it cleared up, however now that im on day 16 of accutane i dont really want to have to stop the accutane to take antibiotics =/

Do you guys think it needs to be done? or will it go away on its own if i let it?

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Guest *Spiro*

If it is truly infected I would go see the doctor and get the antibiotics ASAP.

I am on my 7th and last month of accutane and have been on a course of antibiotics while being on accutane and didn't need to come off tane. The course was for a swollen lymph node that turned out to be infected. My GP knew I was on accutane and told me it was okay to do a 10 day course of antibiotics while being on accutane. So you may not have to take a break of the accutane. Better safe than sorry. I'd get it looked at, if it is still swollen.

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