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Starting The Regimen Again

first some background... i started getting acne when i was 15-16 and now i am 22. the worst years were when i was 18-20, and then it started to tone down a bit and as of now i consider it mild acne. last year i started the regimen and it worked wonders. i was 99% clear in no time at all. the downside: how long it took, and the insane dryness and oily look it gave my skin. i quit the regimen completely back in June. I was weening myself off of the BP since the beginning of April, and took my time until after 2 months of very slowly reducing BP i was down to a quarter of a pump, once a day. at this time i was almost completely clear, though i was getting a few little whiteheads every now and then that i didnt while i was on the full regimen. the best part though was that i wasnt having dry skin anymore. so i decided to drop the BP altogether and see what my skin would do. i had no expectations of staying clear but i was hoping i would.

through July there were some ups and downs, but mostly it was fine. i have learned to deal with my acne a lot better now and am way less critical of it. i recently graduated from college and started my first real job so i really want my face to be clear right now, but i have been trying to not care so much about every single little bump that shows up. still off of the regimen (i would cleanse and moisturize with less than 1 pump of dans moisturizer twice a day, no BP) i decided to grow a beard just because. i had never done it before because of all the skin care i was doing, but since my acne wasnt too bad and i wasnt on the regimen i wanted to give it a shot. i grew it for about 2 months and then shaved it off. during the time i had it, i was noticing lots and lots of little white heads popping up all around the border of where the hair would stop on my cheeks and around my mouth/chin area. obviously i couldnt see what was under the beard, but i had a bad feeling if i was seeing all of these whiteheads around the edges. i knew growing the beard could cause more acne, but i wanted to do it anyway lol

so i shave it, and underneath was several whiteheads and several decent sized red pimples. meh. the beard was obviously a bad choice, and this is where i draw the line and cant ignore them anymore. so im starting the regimen again. i still have moisturizer obviously because ive been using it even since i stopped, and i have plenty of BP left over from when i used it before so i have everything i need. i did it tonight for the first time, starting slow with the BP of course. im also trying cetaphil gentle cleansing wash this time around. ive always used purpose gentle facial cleanser while on the regimen and in the time after i stopped up to now, but im looking for something that may be a little bit less drying and liked the sound of this one from all the reviews. we'll see how it goes. if i dont see improvement quick enough ill go back to the purpose because i know that works for me, i just really am trying hard to not have the major dry skin problems that i had last time on the regimen.

my plan is to do the regimen until i am completely clear again, and then i will ween myself off of it once again until i am down to the 1/4 pump of BP once a day (which is what kept me clear last time) and i will just continue using that for good. no more quitting. i gave it a try but it just didnt really work out as good as i would have liked. i think this time i wont be tempted to quit because i am not in college anymore so i have all the time in the world to do the regimen at night time lol i dont have as many parties to go to and friends that im living with etc. that make me not want to spend the 30 min it takes to do it. anyway, thats it. just figured i would post my story because i know people ask about quitting all the time and how to do it. if you wanna quit, do it like i did. ween off the BP very slowly. but let this post tell you that i have been 100% clear from the regimen, decided to quit, and now im back because it just works that well.

oh also, i may try using AHA this time. never tried it last time but if i get really dry again i think ill give it a go. ill need to order more moisturizer and BP in about a month i think so maybe ill get a tube then. by that point i should know if im going to be as dry as last time.

heres hoping for significant improvement in the first week! i was lucky enough to have quick results like that the first time so we will see. the regimen... its a love/hate relationship but damn does it work lol

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If it worked well before, it should work well again. And at least now you know how your skin does with a beard and with no acne meds. Live and learn, huh? :)

You have a great attitude about it all and that definitely helps. Good luck!

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haha yeah i figured i would just stop and see if maybe i had outgrown acne yet. evidently not! so ill get back to it and see how it goes! looking forward to being clear again for sure.

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