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Scab Keeps Falling Off!

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So I got a cortisone shot last week and it caused my nodule to weep considerably, which the NP said really needed to happen anyway. I said cool, and left it alone. The swelling has gone way down and thats great and all, but every single day the little scab falls off and it starts weeping a tiny bit again (starting with the morning shower). I ate a sandwich and it opened, I smiled at my baby and it opened. This is disgusting! There is a tiny pore shaped hole that just exists. It doesn't bleed just a little yellow and clear stuff comes out and it makes a thin clear scab. This is obviously not doing it's job and I'm not sure how to help it along? I am freaking out that this is just never going to heal!

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hi! maybe put some neosporin on it and see if that helps. Also maybe try using a liquid bandage and see if that helps it from falling off. DOn't use that too long though because eventually the scab needs to fall off, but at least the liquid bandage should help stop it from falling off before it's ready to do so. Good luck. Scabs are the worst .

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Same exact thing is happening to me. I'm currently on accutane and I have several cysts on my cheeks. Like 3/4 of them have the scabs and they randomly pop at any unexpected time, and that same exact liquid comes out. I don't know what to do either.

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