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Doing A Final Round Of Accutane Even Though Skin Is Not That Bad

Good Morning,

I went to see my dr. today after being off accutane now for 3 years, I typically have anywhere feom 2-5 pimples at any given time.Minocyclin and sulfatrim have no effect. My skin is extremely oily again after stopping Diane-35 ( I can not be on any birthcontrol due to pulmonary embolisms ...obviously will be on an IUD despite not being sexually active just to be sure)

I am just wondering if anyone has experience of doing what my dr calls a final round so that I can reduce oil and be 100% clear while starting before/if my face explodes again. I am terrified I will have an extreme break out starting... I never really noticed if I broke out before as my face, chest, and back were already just covered at all times.


Picture attactched is one hour after doing my 3 step system (after spending just over 900.00 on trying products over the past 3 months) with my clinique products which have so far been the best process however still not perfect. As you can see I am already quite oily... in 2 more hours from now I will be an oil slick.

side view photo





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I find with accutane, there never really is a final round for many of us. I may be completing my final round if my blood work clears but i am doubtful that it will be the end of my acne. My acne is bad which is the only reason i am even considering putting my body and health at risk again (having this acne really effects me emotionally so bad).

Please weigh your pros and cons before putting your body through accutane again. If you only have 3 -4 pimples at any given time (i wish that were me), it may be worthwhile to try dietary changes or retinoids.

Not judging you but i am a repeat user of accutane so i know how harsh it can be, especially if the side effects linger after a course.

Keep us posted when you start

Good Luck

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I was on diane for 2 years and stopped in June. It kept me 100% clear after the first 2 months, I was heart broken to go off.

I started my 40mg of accutane every evening yesterday... now time to stock up on a good moisturizer, dandruff shampoo, lip balm, and ph balancing cleanser!!!

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