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30 Year Old Who Started Accutane 15 Years Ago And Has Been Off It For 11 Years


I was googling for Accutane's long term effects and found this forum.

After 3 rounds of Accutane, the last which ended in 2001, I still have (relatively minor) break outs after eating or drinking something with too many chemicals in it (colas, pepperoni caused my last few break outs.) One thing that really helped my skin from breaking out post Accutane was eating vegetable burgers for a meal while I was in college. Not every brand works but some seem to have a blend of veggie's that help detox the skin/system. Fresh, unsweetened yoghurt at night helps too.

I use a foaming face wash now since that cleans the skin more deeply than liquid face washes (I shudder at the thought that I used bar soap on my face before taking RoAccutane.)

When I moisturize, I use Oil of Olay Men's Balancing Gel moisturizer since it's the best moisturizer that I've tried.

I have a question. Have male users of Accutane had healthy children after taking Accutane? I read that Accutane can cause complications when a pregnant woman takes it.

Accutane has been around for 30 years and I'm not sure if it has any consequences on future generations of those who've taken it.

Apart from the minor break outs, I do have some long term issues with Accutane:

- Depression: I went to see a therapist a year after my 2nd round of RoAccutane since I became clinically depressed. I don't really have a depression now but a year back I was put on treatment for Schizophrenia since I had hallucinations (a second cousin of mine who did not take Accutane had a psychotic episode a bit before me so it's not because of Accutane but I can't help but thing Accutane may have made the symptoms more severe for me.)

- Aggression. My parents do say that I became more aggressive after taking RoAccutane.I have noticed that I'm not as patient and I'm not as nice a person as I used to be and I react differently (slightly aggressively, rudely) to situations post Accutane. It could be because my clearer skin made me more cocky than a shy guy with severe, cystic acne or it could be because post Accutane, my persona changed along with me being more susceptible to depression.

- Loss of academic focus (I did learn better before taking RoAccutane.) While I did my IGCSE's /10th year of school really well and had some of the best grades after my first round of Accutane, I couldn't focus or feel motivated to study for my A levels/high school and had to drop out in the first semester. I did manage to make it to the 4th year of a Bachelor's degree in a community college, some great grades, some just passing grades but I didn't finish a dissertation and a capstone course (I had mild schizophrenic symptoms by the time I was in college and that could have been more of an issue than only my difficulty in focusing/concentrating on studies.)

- Weakened knees, not really a big deal since it only appears after a strenuous work out and it could be due to the fact I'm over weight or had taken strong anti-biotics in the past. I lost a lot of weight after my first round of Accutane and was relatively fit but walking more than 5 minutes hurt my knees after a slightly strenuous work out.

I don't have IBS but after my first round of Accutane, I noticed having diarrhea after using certain strong topical treatments (I didn't think that topical treatments could have an effect on my bowels) including Neutrogena's acne wash with salicylic acid which made my skin less break out prone, my stomach felt slightly uneasy after using it.

My year younger brother took Accutane for a couple of weeks or more 15 years ago (a dermatologist recommended Accutane for me but my brother had a normal doctor prescribe it to him at another clinic) and he's become more aggressive too. He lately has been having constipation for a while and I can't help but connect posts about IBS and Accutane. Aggressiveness could run in my family but I can't help but think Accutane aggravated the condition.

I'm a bit worried about having kids since I don't want to pass on any changes that I received from taking Accutane (lack of concentration, increased likelihood of depression, rudeness/aggressiveness.)

While I'm grateful for being able to experience life in ways that I would not have if I still had severe acne, I can't help but think of life if I didn't take Accutane and instead used foaming cleansers, hypoallergenic moisturizers along with a healthier diet of foods with less chemicals, more vegetable burgers and fresh yoghurt.

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Thanks for sharing your story. As a Biology major, I can hopefully put you at ease re: having children. You CANNOT pass any acquired traits to your children. For example, if I go to the gym for an intense workout six days a week and take workout supplements, I will become very muscular. I do not pass down my muscles to my children. They are not in my DNA, they are the result of working out. The same goes for the effects you have experienced from Accutane--you cannot pass them to your children, as they are not in your DNA. They are acquired from an external source. The reason pregnant women cannot take Accutane is not because they are passing their acquired effects to the child, but because the medication harms the development of the fetus. Women can have perfectly normal children as soon as one month post-Accutane. Your children will be the same regardless of Accutane or no Accutane. If your children for some reason become depressed or have another mental illness, it will be because it is hereditary, not because of the Accutane.

Hope that helped.

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Thanks Ajab. I'm relieved to know that I may not have hyper aggressive, deformed children :) I'll just have to prepared for their aggressiveness when they end their teens.

The fact that Accutane managed to have effects on my personality made me worry.Thanks for clarifying Accutane's effect on fetus development, I wasn't sure how far it went.

Recently, I read somewhere that male rats who were given a certain anti biotic treatment had some symptom (I think it was lowered sperm virility) and it was passed on to the next generation but I can't find the link to the article although I may have first found it on Digg or Reddit.

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You're welcome. And although you don't pass the effects of Accutane to your children, your experience with Accutane does give your children a higher chance of experiencing these types of issues IF they were to take Accutane.

Re: the rat article. That is very interesting. There must have been some other factors involved, or the medication must have been able to somehow modify the rats' DNA, because it's simply not possible to pass an acquired trait. For example, the reason giraffes have long necks isn't because they stretched them by trying to reach tall trees and passed the stretching to their offspring, but because the short-necked giraffes were selected against (they weren't able to survive as much as the tall-necked ones) and eliminated over time.

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