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Food Breakouts On Differin?

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So I'm 14, and I've been on differin for 7 months and it's really keeping my acne under control. I rarely ever get breakouts now, and when I do I get those really small whiteheads that have no inflammation and go away overnight.. I never really tested to see if foods broke me out, I just kinda cut them out.. I'm positive wheat and dairy (milk) don't break me out because I have them both every day with no troubles. It's just the little things like cheese and yogurt that I want to eat but I'm too scared, I never eat junk food at all, unless you count sushi as junk.. I've been taken to the doctor 4 times because my mum is really worried about me because she thinks I don't eat enough and that I'm too skinny (I'm 5'10" and 61kg). I've had blood tests done and everything was fine, and my height and weight are fine according to the doctor. I really wanna gain some weight and build some muscle, but as I've said, I'm too scared to eat anything and I hate feeling like this at this age :( I was just wondering if I would get any breakouts if I ate any junk while on differin?

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I'm using something every night called Epiduo which is combination of 2.5% BP and Differin, and it helped me a lot. I use something in the morning too called Aczone though, so the combination of these 2 creams which have 3 main ingredients help me a lot, I'm not sure if it was the BP that did the most or the Aczone or the Differin. But anyways I am just like you, I'm skinny and before I started using my topicals basically everything (dairy, soy, wheat, sugar) would break me out, but now I'm in college and I eat bacon and cookies n' cream pie and burgers and pizza every day lol, and I only get 1-3 small pimples a day from it even though my diet is so bad. Of course having an unhealthy diet is bad, but I'm trying to gain weight too and I've been going to the gym to put on some muscle. Even after taking whey protein powder and creatine which I heard gives a lot of people acne, my acne didn't really change that much. So my advice is give it a try, go eat McDonald's or something one day and see what happens. At your age and at your skinny weight you need to eat a lot more, so don't be afraid to eat those types of foods if you want to gain weight.

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I tried epiduo, wasn't really a big fan as it irritated the hell out of my skin, just stayed with differin and it's keepin my face well under control :) is there any way I can stop being afraid to eat that stuff? I just can't bring myself to do it :(

And as I said, I'm pretty sure dairy and wheat don't break me out

And as I said, I'm pretty sure dairy and wheat don't break me out

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The only way to stop being afraid is just to try it lol. If you said you want to gain weight and that you're sure dairy and wheat doesn't break you out while on differ in, then there is no reason for you to be afraid.

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