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How Long Before I Will Start Seeing A Measurable Result? And Are There Any Quick Fixes?

I'm just on day 4 of the regimen, however I already was using BP for about 4 years. I had mild-moderate acne since around age 13 (5 years ago) and started using BP when it became a bit worse. I have had days before where it's pretty bad, but they would usually get better soon. Actually near the beginning of this year, my skin was better than it had been in a long time. Around May, it became worse again, but then in summer got a bit better. However, this month (a couple weeks ago) the worst breakout I have ever had appeared baisclly overnight, and instead of lessening, it seems like every day another one is popping up. I have just started college one month ago so its completely torpedoed my self confidence, which makes it hard to make friends. When I get acne it tends to be very red whiteheads as wel as blackheads on my nose (although the black heads usualy dont go away, they just become more noticeable), and its on my forehead and side of head above + next to eyebrows so its really visible, cheek acne seems to be more common so people usually ignore it i think. My cheeks / chin arent totally clear but they are a lot lot better than my upper face so I usually ignore the cheek part. I have been using 5% BP for about a year now (I used to use 2.5%) and won't be able to switch to 2.5% for a while since I donot live near home. I think i am using enough. I also use clindamycin but I have stopped it since the regimen doesn't say to use it. (I have been using that for 4 years too.) I don't know why the breakout happened when it did. I was getting a decent amount of sleep and wasnt that stressed. And I was eating fairly healthy. I dont overwash my face or pick at it and I dont get excess sun exposure although I get a little, but not enough to get sun burn). However now I have attempted to minimize soy, dairy, sugar, and fat, and I am going to start drinking green tea this weekend. This weekend I am going to buy alot of stuff. I will buy distilled water in case it is the different water here that is messing up my skin, so I can rinse my face briefly after washing it in the shower or the sink. I am going to buy omega 3 supplements since I used to take them at home but I dont here. I will increase my intake of water and eliminate sodas, juices, and drink less milk (i will have yogurt and fresh fruit instead of milk and juice). I will try to increase fiber by eating more fruit and vegetable. Im also going to buy a new face wash since the I have now has one of the ingredients that is not recommended. I will buy jojoba oil also, and 2.5% BP if i can find it otherwise I will have to wait until I go home or try to get it mailed here. Ill try to get even more sleep so I get 8 hours a day and reduce stress as much as i can. I will try to wash my pillowcases + sheets more often, like 3 times a month maybe.

Every time I wash my face the acne gets noticeably more red and visible, so its either the water or the face wash that causes it i think. I dont scrub hard, I try to put it as lightly as possible and I just pat it dry instead of wiping hard but it still happens. Like i said im going to buy a new soap and get distiled water so I can rinse it after wards. Is there any thing else I can do besides changing my soap and moisturizer, my diet, and my well being? Is there a quick fix because I feel really terrible about the way my face is and i dont want to talk to new people or let them see my face so I basically hide my self in my room and even with friends, I look down when theyre talking so my face isnt as obvious. Its pretty bad: I havent seen a single person with acne as bad as mine at my schol yet and there are like 20 000 people here so that gives you an idea maybe. Make up is not an option because I'm a guy and any way I heard it can make acne worse.

Anyway when can I see results? I know im not going to be clear for months but I havent been clear for like 5 years, i just want to get it back to the levels where it's pretty normal and I used to be at. Yesterday I thought i was seeing results, it was less red and less visible, but today it is worse than it ever was so i dont know what happened.

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I'm sorry but there's no real quick fix or we would all be talking about it.

Just make sure you are strictly on The Regimen. Take some time to rewatch Dan's videos. http://www.acne.org/regimen.html


Read through the biggest mistakes and make sure you aren't making any of them. http://www.acne.org/biggestmistakes.html

If you are on The Regimen exactly as Dan recommends, here is what you can expect.


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The quickest way to start seeing results from the regimen is to start strictly following the regimen as soon as you can. I'd really recommend getting Dan's BP; there's really nothing quite like it.

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