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B5+L-Cysteine Anyone?

After trying many different vitamins (Fish Oil, A, C, D, Zinc...) without results if finally decided to give up on vitamins. I thought for a long time I had dermatitis but doctor had told me it's acne (1 Rash on chin, and papule around mouth). I had switched for SLS, Fluoride free stuff without any results. I followed 2 different diet as well without any results so for now I'm eating ''healthy'' (0 dairy, very low sugar intake but still carbs).

Anyway, I have been prescribed Monocycline for 2 months and Clindoxyl Gel for Maintenance, for now It's clearing pretty quickly but I'm pretty sure it will come back one day so I'm still looking for a ''cure''.

Doctor told me it's hormonal (men's hormones at 19!? really?) and it might go away by itself in my mid-20s. The thing that I don't understand is I never had acne before 19.

I had bad back acne past year which cleared by itself within the year, but the acne on my face simply won't go away.

I wonder if anyone tried the Low dosage B5 combined with L-Cysteine? I am thinking about trying it for long term maintenance (1 L-cysteine on morning and 3 x 500mg B5 with meal)

I also heard Saw Palmetto could be helpful for hormonal acne.

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I thought Saw Palmetto were only for women? I'm really hesitating between Saw Palmetto and Psyllium Husk Fiber Pills, I have an horrible digestion (cramp and gas often) and sometime I wonder if it could not be related to my acne.

Maybe I could use both of them :P

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