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B Vitamins, Fat Metabolization And Acne

So Ive managed to get my acne under control through diet, as long as I keep my carb intake in check, and be careful about my carb sources (low GI/GL), eat a LOT of nutrient dense veggies and fruit, avoid any food intolerances I believe I have, take probiotics/glutamine and other general gut healing sort of supplements (although im not too sure how much help these are to me personally)

However even with this careful diet I still get the occasional (and by that I mean every 2 or 3 weeks) breakout that really puts me on my ass, the breakouts arent terrible or nothing but psychologically it messes with my head enough that they are a problem. Sometimes I can explain the breakouts, maybe a lapse in my diet or trying a new food that my body doesnt agree with, or whatever.....but most of time I cant explain the breakout at all and Im left pretty confused and frustrated.

Anyway to the point of the thread.....about 2 weeks ago I started taking vitamin B complex, maybe one or two tablets a day and I noticed my energy levels throughout the day were dramatically increased, so much so that it really got me thinking.

Dont get me wrong, I am a very active person, both my job and the sport I participate in are very physically intense and not to sound too big headed but Im in fucking excellent shape.....BUT for a long time Ive been finding myself very fatigued and weak at work, and generally feeling like it is a massive effort to get the job done......this feeling of fatigue and weakness is made worse when my diet has been high in fat, for example, if I have a very high fat meal for dinner, the next day I will most definately feel physically weak and unenergetic. Clean carbs (brown rice, quinoa etc) give me the energy I need, but obviously I need to keep the amount I have of them in check otherwise I get acne.

So anyway, this past two weeks (whilst Ive been supplementing B complex) my energy levels have been really really good, even if my diet has been high in fat I still find myself full of energy, and I honestly believe it has something to do with the fat metabolization effects of certain B vitamins.

Im starting to think that fat metabolization has a big role in acne and that it is seriously overlooked. I know that it is sometimes mentioned here and there (alternativista has a good section on it in her "good things" megathread) but in general I think its neglected...

Ive started taking a small dose of vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3 aswell as the B complex in order to supplement my fat metabolism processes, since B5 and B3 are the B vitamins most responsible for fat metabolism.

How this relates to acne?

Firstly Ive started noticing that these breakouts usually coincide with a high fat period in my diet, because I was so sure my acne was caused by too many carbs (paleo-ish i suppose) I basically thought my body would be invunerable to fat, so Ive never figured fat to be a cause of my acne, and as a result Ive never watched my fat intake whatsoever, but the more I think about it, my skin does actually react to too much fat (Im not 100% but I would say that it reacts worse to animal fats more than vegetable fats)

Also many moons ago my acne was cleared by high dose vitamin B5, it cleared my moderate acne up completely. B5 stopped working eventually and my acne came back worse than ever (like 10x worse) but my diet and lifestlye at the time was really really bad so Im not surprised.

At the time though, my skin was still oily as hell but I didnt have a single pimple which leads me to believe it might have had something to do with sebum composition (changed for the better by the fat metabolization from B5 perhaps).

Couple this with the fact that my energy levels have changed drastically since taking B vitamins its really made me think that its playing a big part in my personal fight against acne. I wouldnt have thought Id be deficient in B vitamins because of the amount of veg I devour but the change in energy levels beg to differ.

Now Im thinking with the dietary and lifestlyle changes Ive made (in the past 3 or 4 years) combined with the B vitamins Ive started supplementing (like 2 days ago) I might have a better control of my acne?

Id really like to hear other peoples opinions, ideas and experiences about this.......

Ive been such a big believer in the dietary approach to curing acne but Ive always felt Ive been missing something, and whilst the dietary approach has helped massively its not got me to the point where I have absolute control over my skin, I always feel like a debilitating breakout is just round the corner, and to be honest, living so cleanly all the time without going on the occasional food binge (not even a bad one by normal standards) is hard as hell.

If anyone has any input whatsoever no matter how big or small it would be greatly appreciated. surprised.gif

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Zinc and b complex increases stomach acid and aids digestions, kills bacteria, viruses. Excessive sex, junk food, cola, alcohol messes up stomach acid and lowers the immune.

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We had a couple of good threads on fats and fat metabolism and acne with good reasoning and studies and members benefitting from reduced fats or nutrients that help, but I've never been able to find them to use in the good things thread.

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