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Is My The Bp Or Is It My Skin?

hi everyone

started the regimen yesterday using cetaphil cleanser, oxy 2.5% BP and cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer (ill be adding jojoba to that once i get my order delivered from well.ca!)

i noticed today that my chin (which is where all my acne is) is peeling a tiny bit if i run my fingers on my face. (this was after i had done the regimen this morning)

is is the bp that im rubbing off or is it my skin?

can i expect peeling/redness all over or just where my acne is? how soon will it happen? so far so good!

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It's a normal reaction when beginning the regimen and will subside after some time... BP is a peeling agent, so your skin will experience flakiness/redness/peeling but will eventually adapt over time... You may want to switch moisturizers though... I found that cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer isn't enough for the regimen... Try switching to Cetaphil gentle moisturizer to combat flakiness until you've received your regimen package... Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress... :)

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It's completely normal, remember to start out slow, using small amounts and then gradually increase it, I started out super slow since my skin is very dry overall, using it only once at night for a week, then 2x a day, still small amounts and around the 3rd week using more, I didn't start getting the flaky dry skin till 30 days in, but the jojoba with the moisturizer have been a god sent during this time, and now since I can use AHA it takes care of all the flakies and dryness all together, love that stuff! eusa_dance.gif

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thanks ladies!

i am only using a small amount ,and the peeling is only happening on my chin where the acne is, nowhere else yet.

im still using it twice a day to start, maybe ill dial it down a little and make sure im really just using a little bit.

no redness yet. and the only flaking is on the actual acne spot which is fine cuz its killing them! lol the moisturizers is enough for me right now. i reapply it once in the afternoon and im good.

once i have the jojoba oil added into it im sure it'll be fine. im not feeling dry or tight. plus i want to make sure i have some spf coverage since i do go outside regularly.

im actually not using dans regimen products , im going to give this a shot since i have everything already and have seen people getting good results with it so far.

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