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I Really Need Help.. I'm Tired Of This

I feel so desperate. I really need suggestions and help. I don't care anymore I want to get rid of my post acne so bad. I feel like I can't move on until my face is finally clear or atleast cleaer to an extent. I am able to control my acne for several months now (about 6-7) fianlly and haven't gotten any serious whitehead since but I am left with red spots left after acne and a bit of scarring at the area right beside the nose on both sides. I'm not 100% sure if they are real scars or just large pores left after where a dried up whitehead once was since they don't look deep. I'm so tired of it like seriously. For th past 7 months of practically acne free, the marks left after doesn't seem to be fadding that much.. Like how long does red spots and a bit of uneven skin tone take to fade until I notice a difference? I really need suggetions into products that will really work. I would much prefer moisturizers that will really really hydrate my skin or something any good ones will do. I want to finally be free from this, I feel like I'm at the door but can't step through it.. Can someone Help me!? I want my old skin back so freaking bad!

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Look up turmeric root, If you go to the pih section on this board in sure you'll find some good info on it. It's great for the skin and awesome for pih if you use as a mask.

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Look into Dan's AHA+. For redmarks it's best to use an exfoliating cream like that one. The red is embedded deep in your skin so the cream helps by speeding up the shedding of surface skin cells. Newer skin will appear without the redmarks after regular use. Without an exfoliating cream this process will take a long while.

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