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Is It Possible To "test" Your Gut?

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I eat a lot of quinoa, oat bran and brown rice. I have tons of acne, and horrible gas. I'm a 42 year old female and have struggled with acne since my teenage years. Suffice to say, I'm fed up. I'm considering cutting out grains (along with the other things I have already removed from my diet such as dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine). Two questions:

-- Is it possible actually test one's "gut" to see if in fact it's unhealthy or in need of re-building and probiotics etc? It would be very helpful to actually KNOW if this is part of my problem.

-- For peope that are not eating grains, what are your snacks? I'm thinking about what I will eat to replace my gluten free rice chips, rice cakes etc. I like seaweed quite a bit, apples, -- what else?

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You can get your gut flora tested I'm pretty sure, there are some testing labs that have websites where you can buy a testing kit and send off the swab/whatever it is to be tested on (I did one this morning for food intolerance, almost passed out HAHA! I hate finger prick tests :(! )

Also I THINK (not certain though) that a nutritionist may be able to test you for certain things like that.

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For me, snacks are usually bananas. They are awesome since they come with their own packaging and you can carry them everywhere you go. :)

Occasionally I'll have a Lara bar or some almonds or something, but I pretty much just use bananas as my only snack. I don't really "snack" in general unless I'm going out and I just need something in case I get low blood sugar. I'm more of a 3 square meals a day sorta girl.

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