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How I Goy Rid Of My Acne For Less Than 4.00

So I had the type of acne that looked like rashes...loads of small, tiny raised spots...from afar my skin looked smooth, but up close the surface was rough and uneven.

My skin type is oily/sensitive so 99.9 per cent of the time my skin reacts to most over the counter treatments, even stuff like Simple which is meant to be for sensitive skin types!

So I went back to basics...

From Boots I purchased Dead Sea Mineral Soap for £3.49 and use it only at night. Because it gets rid of the grime, I do not wash my face in the morning as it can be overdrying. Its Day 4 and my skin is clear! When i gently brush my cheeks and chin I feel smooth skin :)

I also take multivitamin supplements- one a day- which is doing wonders to boost my complexion. I still have some uneven patches of where the rashes clustered so I ordered some argan oil which i heard is great for the complexion.

I am so happy that my face is clear. I feel like everyone else! simplicity is definately better...as washing your face too much can cause the skin to produce more oil which it loses and thus clog the skin. Exfoliation is only needed once, maximum twice a week.

So keep it simple guys! get rid of the strong ingredients which your skin does not need...

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