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I Had 5 Fraxel Procedures, Need Advice. (Pics)


I would really much appreciate it if somebody could read the entire topic. I have multiple questions but their not all located in one paragraph. I have stuggled with acne for many years and nothing had seemed to work. Roughly 1-2 years ago I went on Accutane which cleared up my acne. I had some scaring from the acne and my dermatologist told me the treatment to fix this would be fraxel. I did some research about fraxel procuedures before I had chosen to do the treatments along with my dad and we both agreed that fraxel repair would be the best. I called my dermatologist and asked if I would be reciving the repair treatment and they told me yes. I paid 3,000 for 4 treatments + a free one. Unfortunetly I do not have any before pictures on this computer but I have some questions regarding what possibly could have happened. Also, based off the research I have done when I was unhappy with the results I now know that I didn't recieve a fraxel repair treatment, but there is no way of proving that since I was an idiot and didn't get any paperwork. I was just agreed on over the phone and ended up paying without a receipt explictly saying what I was recieving.

Anyways this picture is within the first 24 hours of the first procedure. (sorry for poor quality but I used the front camera of my phone)


I only had these symptoms from the first time I recieved my Fraxel treatment. What appeared to happen was skin fell off and my body began to ooze a yellow/orange liquid that hardened. As far as I can tell I didn't recieve permenant damage, it remained pink for a very long time but it's slowly fading. I recieved 1 treatment per month and after every treatment weeks later my skin would be fading. I have yet to return to my normal pigmentation but it's only been 1 month since my last treatment. When I asked what caused this or what happened I was never given much of an answer, the most they told me was that some cream could have been on my face but I never applied anything on my face. The only thing that was on my face was the numbing cream and then a blue substance for the laser.

During my 3rd treatment when I was being treating it seemed to me as the laser wasn't working because I wasn't having much of a sensation that I had during the previous treatments. When I asked if anything was wrong they told me no, and even during the procedure they stopped and had to replace the tip for the laser but every time I asked if something was wrong they said no and everything is going fine. Looking at the pictures it seemed to me as if the laser was misfiring and they just went on with the procuedure not telling me something was wrong.



As you hopefully can notice, it appears as if the laser only worked in some regions. When I went back to my dermatologist and told him I was unhappy with that last procedure and that there clearly was some mistake he deined anything being wrong and told me the machine tracks where the laser fired and that it did work. After I told him that it didn't work and there were visible marks on my face he told me after my 5 procudures he can throw in a touch up procedure for free if I would like.

Today I followed through with the 5 procedures and I am really unwilling to get a 6th one because I have noticed zero improvement. My face looked great for a few days after each procedure but once the swelling went down my face looked just as it had before. I also really doubt that by waiting 3-4 months collagen will build up and make my face look any different. In all those pictures my face was swollen so you can't notice the severity of the scars. I have boxcar, icepick, and rolling scars. Today my scars look like this after 5 fraxel treatments. *In these pictures I went for the worst lighting and angles possible, at other angles it looks as if my scars are 100x better than they really are*




I really would like to improve the appearance of my scars, so far I have tried dermarolling with a 1.5mm roller and, what I assume to be 5 non-ablative fraxel procedures. The procedure for the fraxel went like this, I would have numbing cream put on for 45 min before the laser, then a blue paste put on my face. As I recieved the laser cold air would be blown on my skin. Neither treatment has shown much improvement if any. Is there anything I should look into? I am going to see another dermatologist and get another opinion but I really would hate to spend a much more money without a guarentee that my scars would improve. My biggest concerns are my rolling and icepick scars.

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I agree with Dudley. It looks like you had Re:store instead of Re:pair. Also, redness doesn't always fade equally but yours does seem a bit odd..almost like the treatment wasn't consistent. I would find another doctor that uses a fractional co2 laser. I went through the same process with almost 10 treatments with various non-ablative lasers and 1 treatment with a fractional co2 laser gave me better improvement than those 10 previous treatments combined.

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