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Male, 31. (Ro)Accutan(E) Log. Really Hope This Works!

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I had the same problem. I had an eraser sized pimple on my cheek for over two months. It wasn't inflamed and didn't hurt but just sat there pissing me off. Then one day it came to a head and a punch of old puss came out (with a little help). You can read my accutane log to hear more but that is normal on this drug! I think mine came out alot faster than some people because my dosage grew quite a bit over those first few months. Now there is barely a pink spot where it use to be. I have 1.5 months left and can't wait to be done...the side effects are just getting old. However, I think 3 months from now I will be SO happy I did this when the side effects wear off, my skin can heal much much faster, and will plump out from getting so thin. I'm ginna do this spring and summer right with a clear face!

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Almost 5 months.

New blood work & met with derm. It's not good yet so will keep eating for another month. Blood work came out ok I think because I haven't heard anything.

It's the old cysts that need to go away. But I'm sure won't eat after 6 months anyway, but we'll see.

@tommyc38: I recognize that scenario. Problem is, for me there's like 10 of em that are unreachable and I can't touch em even with help. But a few have come out thanks to the regimen I believe. We'll see what happens :)

maria11: Interesting that you got a similar situation. I'm looking forward to hear how it goes and I'll cross my fingers for you!

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We are in similar situations. I am still breaking out heading into my 5th month and my pimples are taking a long time to go away. The cysts that i do get see to stay under the skin though.....this sucks. Keep us posted

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6 months.

Today's official end of treatment. However, since I didn't do 60mg/day but 40mg/day due to stomach reactions I will finish off what's left. According to my calc I'm 135 pills (I'm on 20mg pills so was supposed to have 3/day) behind as I was supposed to jump on 60mg/day 6 weeks in (4,5 months = 135 days).

This means 135/2 = 67.5 days = 2 months-ish. I'll stay on the regimen until May's end.

Nothing much new to report. I'm looking to kill the old cysts which are deep & that's why I'm doing the above.

Same side effects as reported. Constant redness + Been working out more and I feel that I recover much slower. Just hanging in there.

My skin's much better overall and it really is a powerful medication!

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Just an update. 1 week to go.

It's a LOT better. I really hope it stays like this and doesn't come back. Some old activities that can be felt (cysts/lumps etc) but rarely active. It hasn't smoothened out all of my skin but can def. live with this.

Crossing fingers that it stays like this.

Update soon :)

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8 months.


Talked to derm who said "you look great!". Was told to hold off on multivitamin with A in it for 2 months & was also told sun is ok but wear sun screen.

Side effects still there, hope they'll wear off. Been off it a week soon.

Here are 2 graphs for you.

Overall skin rating (0-10 where 10 are those horror pics you see online, 0 is perfect skin):


Activities (all count. the ones that remain I've mentioned in this thread and they're old ones that feel like they get aggravated every now and then)


Thanks for the support & input. Awesome community, but I sincerely hope I'll never have to hang here again ;) Kidding, will be checking back for sure



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