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Natural Skin Lightener That Doesn't Clog Pores?

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So as you guys can see this is what I am looking for. I have pretty brown skin and I am looking to lighten the hyperpigmentation from my acne. I want it be natural and something that does not clog my pores does anyone know of such a product? All help is appreciated. Please do no include products that have hydroquinone or arbutin as they are cancer causing. Everything else is welcomed.

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Aloe vera gel from the plant. I'm brown skinned myself. And it got rid of all my hyperpigmentation. You'll see results in weeks. But you gotta use it every night before going to bed. Plus is all natural and great for your skin overall

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You could definitely use fresh lemon juice on your face every night, and begin to see results in less then two weeks. I do this and I am getting very wonderful results. And these results are better, won't clog pores and is a lot safer to use the any one the counter beauty whiteners.

Aloe vera as works well I hear.

To use the lemon juice in the most effective manner follow this: FOR PM SKIN CARE ROUTINE!!

-Cleanse your face

-Apply any treatment or acne creams that you use (You can tot make sure you wait about 15 min for it so completely soak into your skin)

-Cut a fresh lemon, and squeeze come in the palm of your hand, and put a thin layer all over your face, staying away form eyes and lips.

-After this dries you then want to moisturize as usual

Results like I have said come on about two weeks or less. :)

Hope this helps!

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Yogurt masks lighten my skin. I haven't tried adding lemon to the the yogurt but I'm guessing it could increase the lightening power. You really don't need much yogurt to coat your skin, 1/2 a teaspoon is all you need. The smell isn't so great going on, but once it has dried the smell is gone.

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