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Everything You Need To Know About The Regimen

I've been reading the forums lately and it seems that everyone has lots of questions, but very few have answers. I'm going to share all the tips and advice that I've learned along my acne.org regimen journey in celebration of my 6th month anniversary with this skincare line. DISCLAIMER: I am not a dermatologist nor do I work for acne.org; the opinions stated in this article are purely what has worked for me, and you can follow this advice if you want, no absolute guarantees that this will work for your skin because everyone is different.


I feel like this is probably one of the most asked questions here on the forums. Everyone wants to know when their skin is going to start clearing up. Trust me, I did too when I first started. Acne.org does have a page of what to expect, but here's my version... A realistic version:

WEEK 1: You're probably going to be clueless on how to do stuff since this whole skincare thing is new to you. It's going to seem impossible and though as if it takes forever to complete in the morning. Washing your face, applying BP, moisturizing... What a chore! Oh, and don't forget the redness. You're probably going to experience a lot of redness and dryness. (REMEMBER TO START USING BP VERY SLOWLY, THEN BUILD UP TO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOUR SKIN CLEAR)

WEEK 2: For some of our lighter acne readers, week 2 you will probably notice a dramatic improvement in your skin acne wise, though the texture is probably going to be very scaly from using all this bp that your skin isn't used to yet. For our more moderate acne sufferers, you're probably going to be frustrated with new breakouts. You may even contemplate giving up. DON'T. Your skin is just getting rid of whatever was underneath.


Week 3 is personally when my skin mostly cleared up. Don't panic if yours doesn't. People with lighter acne will probably we quite pleased with their skin since it seems to look very nice. People with moderate acne are probably going to be experiencing a lot of the side effects of BP, mixed in with breakouts. Old breakouts will be clearing and you may be left with red marks. Don't worry. It's normal.

WEEK 4: Lighter acne suffers are feeling invincible with their clear skin. The acne.org regimen has become a part of their life and they are happy to deal with it... Except for the fact their skin is still very dry looking. People with moderate acne are probably clearing up by now, with dry skin still. (DON'T PANIC IF YOU ARE NOT CLEARED UP BY THIS POINT, GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST 3 MONTHS TO SEE RESULTS)


Q. I live outside of the states... What about shipping?

A. If acne.org doesn't ship to your country... Have no fear! Just look at the "finding products" page here on the website. Then you'll be able to make a trip down to your drugstore and pick out products.

Q. What about the sun? Does BP cause skin damage? Will the sun hurt it?

A. Just use a good, non comodogenic sunscreen during the summer, or you will fry like a little fish my friend, because now that you're using BP, your skin will be more sensitive to everything including the sun.

Q. Why is my skin peeling, and how do I stop it?

A. In the beginning it's normal for your skin to flake a lot. After awhile if your skin is still flaking and peeling, decrease the amount of BP you are using (I have this problem a lot and still struggle with flakes)


The regimen shouldn't control your life. You modify the regimen to fit your life. It's a wonderful thing if done correctly. Balance is key.

When you are staying overnight somewhere it can be tough to still take care of your skin. Keep a duffle bag with all of your skincare products next to the closest restrooms so you can sneak it in when no one's looking. A popular excuse is "I have to change my clothes", and sneak your duffle bag with your clothes and skincare products in. It's easy folks.

If you have a demanding job or just a busy life in general, keeping up with the regimen can be hard. Go to bed a little earlier, set your alarm for a little earlier in the morning so you can still have time for your skin.


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It's fall time... And you know what that means... Back to school time. If you're going to spend time doing something with your skin in the morning on a tight schedule, it should be washing your face. This is very underrated for most, but it does make a difference. First of all, cleansing your face gets rid of all the dirts and oils that have built up over the last 12 hours. (you should be washing your face twice a day) This prevents clogged pores & breakouts. Therefore... Wash your face peeps.

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