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Hair Loss On Spiro And Saw Palmetto--Help!

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I have been on Spiro (50-100 mg and back down to 50 again) since September 2009. It started causing hyperkalemia and serious muscle pain in December 2010, so I went down to 50 mg. I still deal with regular cysts--the ones that have popped up over the same five years, even when I was on Accutane, ALWAYS come back during my period. Spiro does not help even with smaller cysts. Worse, I am covered with acne marks. My plan is to buy vitamin k supplements and kojic acid to help with the bruising.

Spiro has thinned my hair at the crown and there is a bald spot if I put my hair in a ponytail along the hairline, where my bangs were. I don't know what to do. I take an adult chewable multivitamin with minerals (meaning it's not perfect, but it's something) and iron supplements. I can't take B12 or anything with a lot of biotin (including "hair, skin and nails" supplements) or even fish oil because it makes me break out in oily hormonal cysts. Right now my hair is perpetually lifeless, sticky, oily at the roots, crunchy at the ends. Spiro definitely made it worse when I was on 100 mg.

I use a dandruff shampoo with zinc, Suave Clarifying, and a moisturizing conditioner. I change my pillow cases regularly and make sure not to sleep on my hands. I was okay and had less hair thinning with that combo in my teens and on Accutane. I have a shampoo, conditioner and serum for thinning hair, but I find that leaves too much build-up to use more than twice a week, especially the leave-in serum.

I took a multivitamin with saw palmetto every two days for two months (it's billed as a once-a-day for men) http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=NW-1285 and it helped the hair shaft grow a little thicker, but I'm also seeing those sorts of angry hormonal cysts I mentioned above--even on Spiro, even with retinoids (which cause me to shed and are causing perpetual purging and whiteheads whenever I use them consistently--they only worked when I was on Accutane) and benzoyl peroxide. I am careful not to use oily hair products, I use a gel moisturizer with no comedogenes in it, but because of the little broken hairs along my hair line that inevitably touch my cheeks and temples, oily skin, and the hormonal issues 50 mg of Aldactone has not resolved, I am still dealing with pretty bad acne--whiteheads and blackheads all over, clogged pores, recurring cysts, and acne marks. (I also think Spiro is causing joint pain, fatigue and horrible bruising, so I'd like to avoid taking more than 50 mg). And now, embarrassing, ripe, stubborn cysts or nodules.

Could the saw palmetto be worsening things? It's supposed to HELP with acne and mimic what Spiro does--what am I doing wrong? (Note--I just stopped menstruating. But even when I'm not, I have to deal with smaller cysts and clogged pores all over my temples and cheeks.)

I'm worried about saw palmetto making hair growth on my face worse, too. The hairs on my upper lip are thicker and more numerous lately. I just waxed! (And the wax is a factor of concern, of course, but I always make sure to wash off and clean skin the wax touches. None of my preventative measures are working and I suspect the problem is internal.)

Is there anything I can take that will not break me out and will help with the hair thinning without leaving me with a beard? Horse chestnut, maybe?

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