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HI GUYS. I've been following the acne.org boards for several years now, but only recently have experienced an actual bout with acne. I'm a 23 year old female who never had acne in my teen, aside from the occasional pimple or two. I don't know what is causing these outbreaks now, and I feel like I'm going insane trying to figure it out. I'm hoping that by logging my acne.org experiences, I can also find out more about my acne.


Now, on to the not-so-nice-to-read-about topics.. I've only recently noticed that I got acne the same time I started to experience mucus build up near my throat. Could the two be related? And if so, is it the acne causing mucus or the mucus causing acne? Has anyone else experienced this? Yuck!


Also, I'm on my 3rd day of the regimen, and I'm wondering if I can wear makeup over the regimen products? I have an important event to go to tonight, and I'd like to try to look semi-decent. Other than that, I've made an effort to stay makeup free.


Finally, I've noticed that I have enlarged pores and lots of white heads since I've been dealing with acne. Is there anything in particular that can be causing this?


-Day 3-

Days 1 and 2 were relatively uneventful. I did happen to rash-out on my upper lip. Perhaps some BP got on to it and irritated it? I'm not sure, but I can live with it. My face is a lot itchier than it was before the regimen. Maybe that's due to the BP, too.

Oh, and I should say I'm using the acne.org products: the cleanser, the BP, and the moisturizer. I also bought some Jojoba oil at Trader Joes that I add to my moisturizer.

I haven't had any new breakouts since starting, but I also haven't seen any changes in the acne I already had. I'm hopeful and patient! (Well, trying to be patient!)





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-Day 3 1/2-

I had quite the day! I was moving stuff in and out of my house in 95+ degree weather. I was perspiring quite a bit and had makeup on :\ There was no way around it, as I was getting ready to go out to an important function, so I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't break out overnight. We'll see!

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-Day 5-

No active acne aside from 2-3 spots on my left cheek. I'm pretty sure they're new. I hope they'll die soon. Other than that I'm all "clear." I have a ridiculous amount of acne scarring on my cheeks, but this is a start.

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-Day 9-


I have two active breakouts on the left side of my face, but everything else is scarring. I've gotten pretty horrible scarring (dark spots) from previous acne, but overall I"m happy. I've begun to breakout out a little bit above my eyebrows which is very unusual for me, but I just had my eyebrows done and that might have irritated the skin. Skin is very dry, as expected. It feels flaky and leathery. I'm going to hang in there though, and hope that the regimen continues to work! smile.png

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