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Hi. I Have 7 Big Pimples On My Left Cheek. It's Like 7 Dragon Balls.

hi. i have 7 big pimples on my left cheek. It's like 7 dragon balls. .The worst is they are close to each other. It's like they are one happy acne family. i really feel bad. sometimes i really don't want to go to school because of this problem and whenever my classmate will talk to me, I will position myself sideways just to hide my 7 big pimples.

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i know. I'm like that too. It's sad. because i feel like they will feel disgusting or unhygenic or something. but its in my blood. my father and mother had really severe acne when they were young. They said that they went to a dermatologist and that doc gave them medicine to eat. but i dont want to eat any medicine because im scared that it will have side effects. :( cheer mate. you are who you are. we dont have to feel unconfident with acne. we must live a happy life no matter what. just dont give a shit about what people think of you. be yourself. we can do it mate :) because there is always hope.

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wow thanks mate. Sometime I think about that not to give sh*t about other people say to me but whenever I look in the mirror. I feel bad again. It's like my pimples love me.

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