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Finally Decided To Do Something About Scarring. Help Me Fight Back!

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Hey all,

Been reading this message board for a while, but finally decided to post. I had bad cystic acne when I was a teen (am 22 now) and was left with some scarring. With how bad the cystic acne was I am definitely grateful with how minimal it is. I have generally been okay with my face, but there are certain times and lightings when I just look and really don't like what I see and others where I hardly notice. Especially with a combination of dark cirlces and scarring I wish I could have got away without one or the other.

I'm still self conscious about it so I decided instead of feeling down when I see myself in some bad lighting (damn you flourescent) and trying to forget about it I saw a couple of dermatologists. I've been on differin and clyndomaycin for the last 9 or 10 months. Just recently with my acne in check I wanted to step it up and got a glycolic acid peel two weeks ago since it was dirt cheap.

I've seen two doctors and one believes time and patience is the best course for me and that I'm overreacting and the other has reccommended the fraxel laser. Obviously I know most people here aren't doctors, but with the two conflicting reports I'd like to hear if anyone has a good approach that has worked for them with similar scarring.


Got some different lighting and slight different angles. Edit: Pictures came up real small so here is the album.












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Yeah, it's not bad scarring at all, but the type of scarring (indented) isn't really going to go away with time. So if you do want to get rid of it laser is the way to go. The indents are too deep to see much improvement from other methods.

Personally I think that kind of scarring is no big deal on a guy, but if it bothers you, do something about it.

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i have literally seen only one or two posts about forehead scars in all of my searching, among hundreds of cheek scar posts... i don't know man. it seems like forehead scarring must be harder to treat or the success rate is just lower. i am dealing with the same problem as you. please let me know if you come up with anything.

in the meantime i did come across this post


the guy did fraxel and was satisfied with 30% results. (don't be fooled by the picture, because it's only a month in with a lot of micro swelling). there are potentially big risks involved with fraxel so read up on some negative/horror stories before you draw any conclusions.

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I hear you. You'd think with our technology of face transplants getting rid of a little scarring should be a cakewalk. With all the stuff I'd read about fraxel it doesn't seem worth the thousands of dollars to potentially see just a little bit of improvement or the scary thought of things getting work. Plus with my job I can't really take 3 or 4 days off that I see a lot of people needing to take to get back to human looking after the procedure.

I wish there was a go to standard that would guarantee some kind of benefit at least for the price. I guess we just have to live with it and be grateful that it isn't that bad. I mean it really isn't and in natural or good lighting I would say that I didn't have scarring. It's just bathrooms with damn flourescent or department stores with weak light that make me to a spit take at myself. I mean I've never even heard anything mentioned about my scarring from women nor guys in person or passing. Just damn cystic acne makes you real self conscious about the skin and it is the gift that keeps giving in the form of some nice scars. Too bad they can't at least look like I took a nice gash while motorcycling or something.

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