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Hey everyone sad.png, well been a few weeks since i posted, still got acne, still pissed off. I just really feel like, i do absolutely everything in my power to try and rid myself of this disease and bring back the good days of about 2 years ago, i honestly feel so much sadness when i think of january time 2011, i was looking at my old facebook messages between me and a friend a few days ago, and just seeing how hopeful i was and how i was going to the gym and out every weekend, loving life and feeling confident, then i remember what i have become, acne ridden, isolated, liar, unhappy, possible mental problems, and i think, people just don't take this disease seriously, like the doctor, god the few weeks ago i saw her i was filled with so much rage when she told me, 'there is nothing more we can do for you, i'l refer you to a psychologist' i just thought to myself 'and thats me sunk even lower than i thought i could go', so now i have a psychologist appointment coming up, and ironically i am taking psychology at college now, but i know my problem isn't in my head, as they say, i clearly see it on my face, feel it on my face, its all i think about 24/7, and as everyone on here will be able to relate to, there is no greater rage in having this disease and knowing that you have it, than someone telling you not to bother about it, or that you should be greatful it isn't bad, but all i want, all i want is clear skin so i can start getting my life back, but no, some where in the world, god or whatever has decided no, lets utterly ruin this little pathetic boys existance by making it even worse, acne ridden, never had a girlfriend, 20 in 3 weeks, seeing life pass me by, seeing people with clear skin who are total idiots, honestly, these stupid people that say swag swag yolo, and think they are smart, god i hate that they get to be clear yet i don't, its all i want, no-one listens to me, its a miracle i haven't got serious mental issues, just feeling really pissed off, wondering, will it ever end, knowing that im going to be alone forever, still staying with my parents when im 20, not being able to enjoy myself like a normal teenager at weekends, i honestly hate life now, i really don't see what a psychologist is going to do, nothing because they can't rid me of this disease, what is the actual point, fighting everyday and it getting worse, i don't know how much fight i have left, i can't keep living my 'life' like this, im really really depressed, severely depressed, i see no enjoyment in anything anymore, i don't see a decent future for myself, i see a pathetic future, and it makes it all the harder to cope when i remember just those 2 years ago how clear i was and how good life was sad.png

Coldplay one of my favourite bands, always listen to them when i am feeling depressed, chris martin is god!

'Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, take me back to the start'

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Hi Stephen,

I just read your post, I've been where you are, and know exactly how you are feeling, so I had to write to you and share a little about my story and what has worked for me, in case it might help you too!

Fistly, you must find a new dermatologist! No dermatologist should ever tell someone that there is no hope. There is a solution for you. There absolutely is. Here is my story:

I moved to Germany from the States a little while ago, and was under a very stressful time. I had always suffered from moderate to (sometimes) severe acne, but my acne literally exploded all over my face, back, upper arms and chest after the move and stayed there for 2 years. It was terrible. I went to see 4 different dermatologists before I found one that really understood my condition. He prescribed me 20 mg isotretinoin per day for 6 months. My acne cleared up completely during this time. He told me, that it might come back a little and that I should also go on a 2nd round a maybe a 3rd in the future if I needed it (every time, it coming back to a lesser degree). I went on a second round last year after I started to get oily skin on my face and some whiteheads again. After being off of isotretinoin my skin is so much better, the pores on my back, chest and arms are completely closed and I havent gotten a pimple there since. I occasionally get clogged pores on my face but the texture of my face is so normal now. It looks healthy and has a normal skin color and texture (which I havent had since I was 9 years old!). It took me 20 years to find this solution. I was 9 when I first got acne, and I am now 29 now. I have stopped washing my face recently to see if I could clear the last of my pimples (ironic I know, but people say this really works- restores the natural skin balance and the skins ability to control and absorb oil). Its working wonders! There are many blogs about it.

All I am saying is that there is a solution for you. My only recommendations for you are to:

keep your head up! Enjoy life- start a hobby to keep your mind of your skin as best you can

Stop using any strong face washes and over the counter acne remedies (I NEVER thought I would say this, but there is really a lot of evidence out there that this works!)

keep searching for a good dermatologist

try isotretinoin if you havent yet - it is a miracle worker for so many people - try googling isotretinoin/ acutane blogs on youtube- you can literally watch peoples personal accounts online

eat a very very diverse diet

and if you can, and have some time off experiment with the caveman regimen (the no face washing, seriously, you wouldnt believe how many positive stories come out of it!)

All the best. Hugs


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Hey Stephen, Many of us who deal or dealt with acne understand your frustration and anger. I personally am 32 and have dealt with acne on and off since i was about 19-20. I actually been though several phases of really bad breakouts during my over 10 years of dealing with this horrible disease. Actually had another bad one like 7 months ago, 32 and still breaking out!

Yes, its very frustrating, destroys self confidence, causes you to lose motivation in everything. Been there. Time i would breakout and have bad acne for months, i would hate looking at old pics reminding me of when i was clear. I personally hate dermatologists. I think they just take a shot n the dark and prescribe you any kind of acne medication hoping it works. I personally don't think they know that much more about acne than we here on this site.

I dealt with horrible acne in college as well and it was tough, I never remembered anyone giving me a hard time, but I was soooo obsessive about and caused me to have very low confidence at times. But try and find a hobby and concentrate on it. YOu say you like working out, then concentrate on that, keep your mind focused on keeping fit and healthy. I was a college basketball player, so i kept focused on school and basketball. I would spend most of my time either playing, working out, practice, and always strived to get better that kept my mind off acne. Honeslty, I had pretty bad acne, but it didnt seem to affect dating or anything. The acne was more my problem than a problem for girls that i dated.

As for treating it, you will have to search and try things until it works. For instance, during my horrible breakout 7-8 months ago, I went with Dan's regimen frm this site, kept at it, even when it seemed to get worst but now I have been clear of any new acne for 2 months. There were times i was doubting and feeling all depressed, didnt want to do anything, I would wear hoodies to the gym to hide my face, and felt like i would break out forever. But i stuck with it and things started clearing up little by little. Now I just have to deal with the scars and marks left behind, but I havent gotten an active pimple for 2 months or so... Fingers crossed.

Gather info from this site. You have access to free top notch acne advice and information here. Everyone here is rather helpful, wide range of people have tried many products and we are lucky enough for them to willingly share all that information with us. We all know how terrible ACNE is, in everyway possible and most people here would love to be able to help a fellow acne sufferer get clear. I hope this helps.... I really wish you goodluck. You will find a way to get clear.

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if you've exhausted all conventional medicines, try looking into the nutrition and holistic section of this forum. what better way to help your depression than to find a solution for your acne? it's a long road and i feel exactly as you do, but the least you can do is battle this shit to the best of your ability.

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Don't give up brah. I know how you feel. Despair. Frustration. Depression. But keep pushing. I've been in that state multiple times because of how my skin was. But I decided that enough was enough. I fixed up my skin for good through hard work and sacrifice. You can do the same. Make this time the last time you suffer so terribly.

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Thanks for your replies everyone


I tried to get the doctor to prescribe me this, but she said 'oh you're acne isn't bad enough to get accutane' and just minutes before this, told me that my skin was perfect, i just feel like they lie all the time, so they won't give me accutane, then said 'oh it won't help you' im like 'how can you know that if you haven't tried it' and all they say is 'you're not bad enough to go on it' so i feel like, right even although you admit i have it, im not bad enough to go on it, what qualifies as 'bad enough' anyway, i think how it effects you mentally is the key, eg you can have someone with mild acne, who is obsessive about it - me, or someone with severe acne who doesn't really bother, yet they would get accutane and i don't?


I am going to try the hollistic method again on monday, im allowing myself saturday and sunday to eat all the junk food i want then on monday the battle begins, i have already got supplies in for it, well kinda, i have, dried goji berries, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, but what else can i eat that would have a good effect on acne?, and i am also going to try the caveman method, can't hurt anymore than these creams are, as they arent doing anything and surely if you don't put anything on your face, your skin tone will improve?


I am going to try the hollistic methods, i just need to know which foods i should be eating, can you mail me a list or something please i have no clue :(


How did you manage to get clear in the end? :)

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I like Coldplay! smile.png I didn't go to the gym for the past 5 days 'cause of new pimples. I am starting on Monday and will go everyday

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have you tried Dan's regimen. It worked for me. It took about 5 months and was a day to day process, but i am completely clear from it. I didn't really change my diet or anything, only differennce is i drink lots of water in a day. i easily get over 64oz a day and I cut out any sugarr drinks. But havent changed much on the food side of things. So i know following Dan's steps and using 2.5 BP does work. Its not a miracle over night thing and you have to follow it strictly, but it will gradually clear you up and eventually completely control breakouts. Its definteily not a cure, it just manages and prevents breakouts. I would say give that a shot if nothing has worked. But you have to be patient, it may seem to be worst in the initial stages, but if you research the forum, it seems to have help the majority of users. Good luck KID

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