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Can You Get Drunk Once In A While On Roaccutane?

The other night I got carried away with my best mate and had 5 glasses of wine (naughty) anyways I felt bad so I drunk tons of water after and the next day but I thought to myself my next bloods arnt till 9th October so I have promised i wont have a drop of alcohol till after my blood tests. My skins improving slowly atm i think so I feel in a month or two hopefully it will look near enough clear which will mean I'll want to go clubbing and celebrate that I feel good! Can you get away with a few boozy nights ?!

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Yes, if you go to the accutane logs forum there are 1 or 2 people who admit to drinking heavily 5x a week whilst taking accutane (students lol).

I am not a medical professional i only know what ive been told and read, my derm said to me if i drink heavily on a night out, skip the next days pills.

Ive been on tane 6 weeks and only really got drunk once, i got drunk far quicker than normal and the hangover lasted 2 days lol, those were the only differences. As far as im aware it doesnt actualy mess with the drug, drinking too much is ill-advised because of the stress to the liver i think.

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I drink quite a bit and my tests have been fine. I've been to 2 derms (one at home, one at school) and they both said alcohol is fine as long as you don't binge. I wouold advise not drinking at all if possible, but if you decide to throw a few back here and there, and your bloodwork is fine, I don't think it's a problem. Talk to you derm and see what he/she thinks.

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