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wanna see more PICTURES ? :)))

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added two pictures to my profile smile.gif


new skin is amazing.

you can see in the picture that one side is amazing.

the other side is a bit red with small pimples. but it was always this red - so the peel havn't changes that - but you can compare the pigmentation and brown spots (i have a "before" picture , when my skin hasn't peeled yet.

there is a HUGE different is brown spots .

one picture is worth a 1000 words. and althout i AM a bit talker - i'll leave it to the pictures smile.gif))

good day everyone (going out from the house for my derm's review. first going out of the house in a week smile.gif

good day all smile.gif

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i think i read u did a 12.5 peel ?

i did a double dosage and it took my 8 days .

you can read my previews posts here .i wrote a detailed descreption for every day.

i'm afraid that if it'll peel like i did , u'll have to take a few days off school.

but it's not the end of the world, right ? just take sickness days, no ?

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thanks ! smile.gif

emmanuel, from which series is the picture in your messege ? (with the lcuk dragon ? smile.gif (it's not pokemon, is it ?)

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My super oldguy powers tell me it is from the anime series Puchi Puri Yuushi (Petite Princess Yuushi), which is based on the Princess Maker games.

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I'm not quite sure what peel I got, but they said it was a very strong deep chemcial peel. All my pigmentation looks worse and my skin is like very hard, its not dry though.

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Guest Tracy
thanks trac smile.gif

now i go out only with a hat because of the sun  - and i'm the cat in the hat smile.gif

(i'm not a cat)

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Congrats man; I'm glad you're happy. I have a question though. It my forehead that's a problem. I have so much hyperpigmentation; lots of brown spots; and I'm brown skinned in nature. Can I just get the peel on my forehead; since the rest of my skin is flawless??

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answering some og your questions :

well, i don't know if they do this kind of peel only on forehead. this is a question i should just go and ask a doctor. also i'm from Israel - so maybe different countries have different rules.

it seems logical to me, that if you have flawless skin, and only problematic forhead - so a doctor can do this only on forehead . i don't see any reason why not.

from my experience the peel can help you grately with pigmentation on forehead.

the Peel was a 23% TCA peel . done by a doctor. you can read very very detailed posts on my previous posts here.

i musy say that a weekl after the peel - the results seems much less dramatic :

if at first i thought that i had 85% improvemnt - than a few days after my skin stopped glowing and being pinkish etc. i could see the real results :


i think the results are about 50%. some on the hyperpigmentation went away - and that good- and some haven't - meaning - it faded a lot - and that's terrific, but - i can still see it- meaning - that in a few month it will just get darker and darker....

also my doctor also warned me that pigmentation almost always DO come back.

also - skin is a bit hm.. not glowing .. but looking healthier.

but i'm troubled by the faded pigmentation that was left.

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