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Girls On Accutane

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Did any of you not use birth control pills during your treatment?

Those of you who did ( obviously the majority of you) what pill did you use and would you recommend it?


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I decided not to opt for the pill having been on yasmin for many years before, and instead went for an IUD. You don't have to remember to take something everyday and the copper ones are hormone free and can last up to 10 years.

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Thanks for the reply. I heard that docs like to only prescribe an IUD if you have already had at least one child. Is that the case with you? I was on Yaz (Yasmin's sister pill) and had the worst experience of my life!! My hair is still falling out and my skin and hair are the oiliest it has ever been since coming off. Needless to say I am extremely hesitant to go back on the pill but I am pretty sure I won't have much of a choice. I did not have any side effects on Loestrin but I felt like it didn't do much for my skin.

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Myself = Junel Fe (pill)

I hate it actually, when I take it I get a really bad stomach ache and dizzy. I'm too lazy to get it changed to something else, so I just take it before I go to bed so I won't feel anything haha

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Oh I've never heard that. I'm from the UK so we don't really have any weird rules surrounding birth control. I dont see why there would be that restriction though (I've never had children). I guess you'd just have to ask, I would fully explain all the issues you have with hormone based contraception though, drs are so lazy, they just stick you on it because it requires less work for them, rather than sitting down and actually talking through it with you to find a good solution.

I think perhaps you've heard that as most woman seem to get them fitted after they've given birth as theyre safer when breast feeding and can be fitted in the hospital, my Dr told me that since I don't have to get it changed for 10 years, the chances are I will have taken it out to have kids by then.

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