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My Log: Healing My Skin In Time For My Wedding

Hello everyone! rolleyes.gif

I've been reading these boards for a few years now, and have tried so many different things to try and 'cure' my acne, but it has only been recently that I feel confident in having a strategy which will clear my skin completely once and for all. I'm more motivated now than ever to get clear, because I'm getting married next year! wub.png So, I'll be posting here until then (the 22nd of December 2013) to keep a log of all the things I'm doing to clear my skin and document my progess.

A little background on me:

I am a 20yo female, and I've had mild - moderate acne since I was about 10 years old. My skin is combination, sensitive, and can get quite oily on my forehead especially. What I've been using the longest is benzoyl peroxide, in different forms: cleansers, topical creams and gels in all strengths, proactiv, you name it! I've also tried natural and organic skincare, which I would love to do again, but unfortunately I couldn't find any natural products that didn't break me out and clog my pores like crazy. One of my biggest problems is "product hopping" - not sticking to anything long enough to be able to tell whether or not it's helping my skin. My other problem is skin picking - I pick EVERYTHING and I hate it! My skin looks so much better when I don't have a bunch of red marks all over from picking at everything.

I could go on and on about everything I've tried, but I figure it'll be more useful to forget about all that and start with what I'm going to do now to ensure I am clear by my wedding day! My plan is to tackle things from every possible angle - so here we go!


I'll start with this because it's the simplest.


  • Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

  • Moisturize with Cetaphil SPF 30 if going outside, or Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion only in dry spots if needed. (If anyone can recommend a good drugstore moisturizer containing SPF available in New Zealand, PLEASE let me know. This one doesn't seem to break me out, but it's a bit heavy and greasy for my skin.)

  • Spot treat only with 2.5% BP (Benzac AC), not all over, as I want to be able to see my skin improving without help from topicals preventing anything.

    Makeup: Almay Clear Complexion Concealer most days, and Almay Clear Complexion foundation only on special occasions (hardly ever). I also need to find makeup for my wedding day that won't break me out, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!


    • Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

    • Moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion if/where needed.

    • Spot treat with 2.5% BP (Benzac AC)

    I will also stop touching my skin at all aside from cleansing. That means NO picking.


    This is the major part of my strategy. I recently bit the bullet a few weeks ago, and went to visit a naturopath to help me identify the root causes of my acne. She was VERY helpful, and made some diet suggestions and gave me some supplements. We suspect that the main cause of my acne is digestive (slight leaky gut, food intolerances, zinc and magnesium deficiencies), and only slightly hormonal. I also had IgG testing for food intolerances, for which I'm still awaiting the results. Once I know what my intolerances are, I'll be cutting out those foods, and working on healing my gut properly and doing a liver cleanser before maybe gradually reintroducing some foods.

    In the meantime:

    [*]1 X Probiotic with breakfast (to aid digestion)

    [*]1 X Probiotic with dinner (to aid digestion)

    [*]2 X Blackmores Zinc + B6 with dinner (to support hormones)

    [*]300mg Magesium 30min before bed (to support magnesium deficiency and PMS symptoms)

    [*]Cutting out ALL dairy (This is one food intolerance I am already certain of, as I ALWAYS break out after consuming dairy)

    [*]Cutting down on refined foods, caffeine and sugar

    [*]Drinking more water

    [*]Starting the day with a cup of hot water and lemon juice to aid digestion

    [*]1 tablespoon of ACV (when i remember) before meals to aid digestion

    That's it for now! Wish me luck everyone! :) Please please make suggestions if you can think of anything that will help me! For now I'm just awaiting the test results, but I'm keen to do as much as possible!

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Awesome. Please keep updating.. I am very curios

Thanks James! I definitely will! cool.png

I'm going to make this my "Day 1" post since I just thought of another couple of small things I need to start doing:

  • Clean pillowcases every couple of days
  • Clean towel every day or two
  • Stop obsessing and spending so much time on acne.org (lol) I won't be posting every day because of this. I need to relax and not think about my skin so much. But, I will post at least once or twice a week!

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for non comedogenic shampoos and conditioners? I have long wavy/curly hair and unfortunately can't really go without conditioner. neutral.gif

Skin status as of today:

Lots of comedones on forehead (i suspect these were caused by the oil-filled natural cleansers I'd been trying over the past few weeks). One or two bigger bumps on temples and forehead. Red marks on forehead from picking.. crazy.gif Red marks on both cheeks from picking, and some old hyperpigmentation (also from picking). I'm keeping skincare as minimal as possible, so planning to just let everything heal naturally with time.

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