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First a little background information (pretty much my acne evolution).

  • Severe acne on face, chest, and back. Super oily, disgusting skin.

  • Tried a lot of methods to get rid of acne, they didn't work.

  • Went on Accutane at 15 yrs.

  • Completely clear skin on back and chest with very easily coverable zits on face.

  • After 2 months off the accutane I started to break out bad on my face, tons of blackheads. Other parts still clear!

  • Moderate acne on face, blackheads, and super dry, sensitive skin (personally prefer to oily).

  • Currently 16 yrs. and starting DKR Regimen.

That's pretty much it.

I’m currently broken out on my forehead, nose, and lip area, with splatterings of tiny, but noticeable pimples on cheeks and chin. I have sensitive skin so I'll be doing the BP once a day until I get accustomed to the treatment. Pretty excited and hoping for clear skin!

Starting a new regimen with school pictures in a couple of days, go me! wiggle.gif

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Due to an unfortunate event, I have not been able to start the Regimen until tonight. I could have done some, but I wouldn't have been able to stick to it faithfully. The whole mess is finally over though and I'm (once again) excited to start!

I have been using the AHA every day since I got it. I love it! It really calms down my acne and has kept ones I thought would get huge from doing just that!

So far I have no complaints about the other products, but Dan's moisturizer will be a little hard for me to get used to because it feels almost slimy compared to my old one.


Do I need to worry about the BP discoloring my eyebrows?

Can I moisturize more than once in the morning and at night? I already had pretty bad flakes after I washed my face before the Regimen, but if the BP works right, I should be expecting a lot more.

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BP can discolor your eye brows if you continually get a lot on them.

And yes! You can moisturize as much as you want because the regimen is all about reducing the irritation and the moisturizer will help reduce the dryness and flakiness which in turn reduces irritation:)

Source: I have been through the regimen and went from 60 active pimples to about two at the moment. If you check out my pictures you can see the process of how the regimen works for me. I hope that you have wonderful results as well….and if you have any questions feel free to message me! I am always willing to help anyone, if they need it!

Good luck :)

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