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You Newbie Here Please Help You Lovely People

Hi there my Names Rob. Im 27 years old living in the united kingdom. Im suffered from acne since the age of 18. I went throught my teenage years without getting any acne and infact had lovely skin which people used to comment on. However when I started university I began to develop bad skin and to cut a long story short ive suffered from acne to varying degrees since then. To put it bluntly like many of you its had such a devastating effect on my personal life whether it be reationships,jobs,mental health,freinds etc. I seem to make some progress physically and mentally then inplode. I really dont like myself physically. This conversly is quite different to how I see other people. For me I dont care that other people have acne infact oddly it endears me to them. Im good at listening,intelligent and good humoured and I hope I can offer some support and advice for others going through this. Practically I need some help. At the moment Im getting regular outbreaks of pustules and some blocked pores. Granted its been much worse than it is at the moment but im fed up of seeing shiny new ones appearing every week!. The blocked pores gradually develop over a few days into these pustules very frustrating when you can see them growing and they wont stop!. So ive come on here for advice and a couple of main questions if you could answer any of them id be very gratefull:)

1. What is a good way to stop blocked pores from becoming pustules/palpules? ie products to use things to eat drink etc.

2. What is a good way of stopping blocked proes in the first place?.

Thanks Guys

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