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Half A Year On The Regimen

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I started the Regimen in April 2012, so it's been about six months now. I've been clear of whiteheads and significant ane since the first or second month. They only reappear when I've done something wrong, like missing a day or getting a sunburn. So I'm very pleased with the results.

However, as I'm sure a lot of you know, it's easy to find flaws even after being "cured". Given a history of acne, and the twice-daily mirror-fest that is the regimen, one can start to obsess about their skin. Not exactly my manliest trait. So let me say this first off; it's not that bad. I just feel that because I spend so much time and money on my skin already, I deserve to see results that are as close to perfect as possible.

I'm just concerned about getting the most return on my investment. So really, it's just an economical, financial concern. That's manly, right? Right? :P

Basically, I am left with some minor problems. Firstly, the very small blackheads on my nose weren't affected much by the regimen. They're more grey than black, and they're hidden reasonably well by some Summer freckles, but they're there, and I'd rather them gone. Around my nose there are also some tiny whiteheads. Before the regimen, these were large rows of whiteheads, nestled in that crack between my nostril and my cheek. Now, thankfully, they are so small they're hardly noticeable. But they're still there, despite the BP, lined up in a perfect little line in that crack. For both of these issues, what do you suggest? I've considered trying out salicylic acid, or maybe a stronger BP concentration for this area. I already use Dan's AHA on and around my nose.

Pink marks from old acne are starting to fade, but they're sure taking their sweet time about it. Anything regimen-friendly I can do to speed that up?

At this time, I can throw all illusion of masculinity to the wind, because I am about to complain about my pore size. Between the apples of my cheeks, and my nose, my skin looks like a Swiss cheese sponge. Any quick fix there? I've heard that astringents like aftershaves can be good for minimizing the look of pores. Thoughts?

And lastly... thanks. This community has been a great resource for me, even just for lurking. The sense of relief I feel when I catch my reflection and I don't feel ashamed or embarrassed because of acne... it's intense. I can't begin to say how quickly my self-esteem has improved. Thank you very much.

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