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How To Hydrate Oily But Very Dehydrated Skin If Everything Breaks Me Out?

All moisturisers break me out.

I tried coconut oil, it broke me out.

Jojoba oil broke me out.

I am expecting any kind of oil/moisturiser to do the same, but my skin looks so much worse because its very greasy but very dehydrated. Any advice?

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i have the cetaphil oil control moisturizer, but my skins still kind of greasy after a while (it might be the spf? things with spf kind of make my face extra shiny. or it just doesnt work) id say try to find something with aloe vera?

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Have you ever tried a toner? In the past few months I stopped using much lotions or oils too. Not because they break me out, but I just felt like after I stopped ravaging my skin with benzoyl peroxide I don't really need to coat it in moisturizer any longer. But what I have been doing is using a toner that I made myself. It contains witch hazel, green tea, and apple cider vinegar. All I do is brew some green tea and fill half of a small container. Then I fill it the rest of the way with 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 witch hazel.

I don't know if this stuff does anything for acne, but I've noticed it does nice things for the skin in general. My skin has a healthy glow and the dark spots and scars from acne are fading fast. The other thing I noticed is my skin feels more moist. I think the apple cider vinegar in the toner is balancing the PH of my skin and helping it make oils in a healthy balance.

Also--are you 100% sure the oils are breaking you out and that you're not just breaking out in general?

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Dejaclairevoyant, i am still ravaging my skin with bp :( because i am scared to break out if i stop. How did you stop?

And yes its oils and moisturisers that break me out because i would test them on a small patch of skin and that area would break out

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