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25, Healthy As An Ox, Coconut Oil Regimen, Advice?

Much like others, I'm coming to you acne.org for some advice. Here's some background.


I've had acne since I was 17. I've always been very athletic and taken care of myself. I change my pillowcases and fash wash cloth every couple days. I'll also mention that I'm a bit of a "late bloomer", I look like I'm 21. I've tried every antibiotic, face wash, and prescription combination. My most recent routine until about 8 weeks ago was a mild face wash, clidimycin (sp?) pledgets, and epiduo. Met with my dermatologist and he suggested accutane. Was about to start that then was convinced that I should try a diet change and go all natural as far as facial care goes. Accutane scares me and I'm a just weary to ingesting something that strong. I've always ate healthy, but this stepped it up a ton.

So, for the past 8 weeks, I've been on the paleo "diet. So no grains, no rice, no dairy, no sugar. Also I've been taking 2tsp high quality fish oil, 75,000 IU Vitamin A (Palmitate), an omega 6/3, and a strong probiotic. All the food and supplements are organic and purest form. The goal of all of this is to re-regulate my stomach and stop the acne from the inside. I gradually went off epiduo, and stopped completely 8 days ago. The feel and look of my skin has been much better, much less red, and a lot smoother and healthier looking.

So 8 days ago, I started with coconut oil. I eat about 2tbsp a day and use a tad more with cooking each day. I've also read a lot about using it for acne. Read that it will start out bad, but then eventually get better. So what I've been doing is after taking a shower at night, rub a really small amount on most of my face, then put a hot washcloth over it and let it soak in. Then ~30 min later I sorta dab it with a cold wash cloth to get off any extra. In the morning I shower again and just rinse, no face wash at all, morning or night. At first this really seemed to be the trick, my pimples got smaller and there were less of them in general. My skin has felt awesome in and never dried out or looked oily, something I always struggled with in the past. The skin on the rest my body has felt much better too, probably from eating the coconut oil.

That brings me to today, 8 days after putting coconut oil on my face. I all the sudden, starting a couple days ago, have TONS of little zits all over. Most never get to a whitehead, but just bumps. Had a couple cysts appear as well. My nose got full of blackheads and my forehead broke out the worst so I've stopped using the oil there. My nose has calmed down a bit. Parts of my face look healthier than ever before and the redness is completely gone, but the amount of tiny zits on my forehead and other areas has me concerned. I've never had too many issues w acne on my forehead before.

So, what should I do? Stick to the coconut oil a bit longer and see if it improves? I cannot go back on epiduo or differin due to the cost and an insurance change. I do have a trentonin (i think?) perscription I can use that is much cheaper. Maybe combine a little of this w a mild face wash?

Sorry if I rambled, just tyring to give the most info I can. Any suggestions welcome!


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Totally think you are on the right track with everything else you are doing internally - for me coconut oil applied topically also caused breakouts but taking it internally did not. My reaction to probiotics was similar to what you are describing, tons of tiny little bumps. You say you have been following the rest of the protocol for 8 weeks though so I would chalk it up to a breakout from applying the coconut oil. It might just be an initial breakout, or it might not. I never stuck it out long enough to find out. You might want to try a less heavy oil like hazelnut oil or jojoba etc. It will keep your skin looking nice and not red but probobly won't cause the same kind of reaction that the coconut oil did.

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yeah i was on a super intense probiotic 250 billion whatevers for the first two weeks, then a 15 billion since then. The tons of little ones just came a few days ago. I haven't been washing my face with anything either, just water, I'm convinced anything else non-natural will just make it worse in the long run. I just got some raw honey at the store, going to try that a bit. Also going to get some fiber soon, read another thread that it could help clear up my stomach a bit. I'm think I'm going to tone down the coconut oil to maybe once or twice a week and see how that goes.

Any brand of jojoba I should try to find? I have a whole foods across the street.

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