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Is This An Accutane Job?

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I've had acne now for four years starting at 19 years old.

I've never been only remotely close to getting it clear, it tends to clear up a little bit at the beginning of the summer, and then as summer progresses it gets worse and worse.

I've tried: Pro-activ, Anti biotic, NSAIDS's, BP 2.5 and BP10 (BP actually makes it a lot worse, a hell of a lot worse), Witchhazel mixed with various things and on it's own, tea tree oil and myriad other 'miracle cures' and diet changes.

I'm hopefully getting an appointment to see a derm' in a couple of months. I've finally reached the end of my tether, and can no longer stand to see myself in a mirror or in photos.

Below I have posted a couple of pictures of the worst part of the acne that sits on my right cheek. This has always been the biggest problem - do you think the derm will prescribe accutane?



Also any ideas on any way to make them look any less digusting?


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Yes, your derm will prescribe you Accutane. If he doesnt, find another derm :)

I had the same problem, my derm did not want to prescribe accutane, kept giving me antibiotics that did not help, until I changed derm, gave him list with all stuff I have ever used, and asked for Accutane. He gave it to me and now my only regret is that I didn't get it earlier.

Good luck with everything!


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Unequivocal YES.... This is precisely the kind of serious, severe acne that causes scarring. I know this from personal experience, because this is how bad my acne was at its worst. Accutane, while a serious medication, is the ONLY thing that effectively cured my acne. Very few medications of any kind can lay claim to curing any condition, but Accutane is one of the rare ones. I'm not going to dismiss any of the side effects others have experienced, which can be serious, but in cases where nothing else has worked, this is the last resort. Like MelindaOne said, my only regret is that I did not do it sooner because by the time I finally started therapy my skin was already scarred.

Contrary to popular belief, dermatologists are really wary of prescribing it because they want to cover their asses. They don't want a patient coming back and accusing them of not telling the patient about the side effects. My personal opinion is that many of the side effects (ie depression, suicidal thoughts) are often a product of having the severe acne itself, and so it ends up being incorrectly attributed to the medication. This has also been discussed in scholarly papers.

In your case, you should see a dermatologist to give you some cortisone injections directly into the cysts to drain them and prevent scarring. Then get on Accutane therapy to treat the acne ASAP. The most important thing is to prevent scarring, which is incredibly difficult to treat once already formed. Trust me, chapped lips and dry skin is nothing compared to dealing with bad acne scarring.

Bottom line is, I don't recommend Accutane willy nilly, but your case is pretty cut and dry. Again, if you run into resistance find a dermatologist who will prescribe it to you. I was young and dumb, so I stuck with my old dermatologist even though he kept refusing the accutane when I clearly needed it. I've totally been where you are, and at your age you should be enjoying life and not having to deal with this.

Good luck.

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