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Please Some Advicee!

hey! im 16 years old, ive had acne since i was 14, i thought i had a lot, but now i miss those days when i had nothing compared, to now.

I dont know why but this summer, my face just exploded, and filled with acne all my face, now i feel terrible, horrible, and people get disgusted when they look at my face.

So I found this page, and i said why not, so i bought the products. This is my week two, and im a bit frustrated, cause it seems my acne has become worse, i dont know what to think, so please if someone has some words of wisdom i would really really appreciate it.

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Benzoyl peroxide can help acne, but it's not going to completely get rid of severe acne. A lot of people on the holistic forum have been able to clear or improve their skin by changing their diets, so you can check out the nutrition and holistic forum if you want.

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Benzoil peroxide most likely will irritate your face. Most acne-prone skin is sensitive, so if you haven't lowered your dosage, do so. You should of started with a pea size amount for the first week at least. Personally I have dry skin with occasional breakouts, that is why I'm on the regimen, I don't have "acne" but I started out slow considering my face is very dry, the first week I only used it a night, with only pea size amount and gradually worked it up to 2x a day, if you're breaking out more than usual it's probably part of the purging process. Your skin has about 7 layers, it's probably your skin purging all those pimples out of your skin, a lot of people get this, including me. I broke out pretty bad, I'm on my first month, but stick with it! Your skin will probably get very sensitive with the bp, red, and very flaky, so make sure to use plenty of moisturizer. A lot of people have had great success with the regimen, you jus to have to stick with it, most people on here who used the regimen will tell you that the first couple months are the worst but it'll pay off. Also, consider changing up your lifestyle, healthier food, drink lots of water, etc.

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