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Oily Skin Causing Dandruff And Acne

I've tried many diets for this problem.

I'm looking for supplemental ideas. Maybe a mineral supplement that contains iodine?

Probiotics ive seen get a lot of press for skin conditions but i react very badly to them

I've tried high dose cod liver oil for Vitamin A

digestive enzymes?

Not sure if i want to try things that mess with hormones like DIM, pygeium, Saw Palmetto, nettle...


I have no problem spending a lot to remedy this issue, and don't want to address it topically.

Also the diet I'm going to begin(i've tried many) is one based on starch(potato's)for macronutrients with fruits/vegetables/eggs/offal to supplement micronutrients.

Which other supplements might be helpful? I do not digest even well cooked vegetables well

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You may be suffering from a bad gut flora, see White Fox's thread. I wouldn't recommend starch though, that means rice and potatoes. I break out from them and can feed the bad bacterias in your gut.

Just try adding fermented food into your diet, you'll experience stomach aches, gases or bloating at first.

Go Paleo but heal your gut alongside.

You can try Saw Palmetto yourself, it contains a dht inhibiting substance, which can be found in most plant oils, so I wouldn't really worry about that.

Don't trust on supplementing, just make sure you are getting enough vitamin from your diet, and eating good amounts of raw food. Focus on your gut instead.

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Oily skin + acne + dandruff...sounds like seborrheic dermatitis.

I'm telling you man, for a lot of skin issues, hormonal treatment is the way to go. A perfect Paleo diet and tons of supplements did nothing for me, but an anti-androgen cleared me 100% in 6 months. I am still clear and loving it.

It sounds scary until you realize that your hormones haven't been doing you a favor, so you might as well take control of them for a change.

Though I will add I'm a major advocate for probiotics and gut flora health. That has improved my health greatly, but it never seemed to reach the skin on my face.

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