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Vitamin A Changed My Skin ?

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So I started getting some vitamins and along with it some A, I noticed that in the second day, my skin started to make small white little skin cells, even some dry white dots that i can just plug them out, even on my nose ! I have big deep black heads on my nose, and now I see somehow that white thing comes out of my pores, same thing on all my face ! Is this good news ? I had acne problems for many ears, my skin is almost perfect besides of some small pimples and few marks that seem to fade away !

I'm using 50,000 iu's

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I'm taking 150000 iu for about two months now. Yeah the skin is improving (it's still not ok), I've also done blood tests and they were normal.. Only side effect I can think off are dry lips

I'll probably go through 7*250 bottles of now vitamin a 25000iu each capsule .. I'm on second bottle now. Will report in few months if anyone is interested..

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Where can you get 25000iu capsules?

NOW vitamin a has 25000 iu capsules. 150000 i.u vit a works, and it does dramaticaly!! My skin is almost clear within two months, but the sides are similar to accutane (dry lips).

As far as health wise, my blood tests were ok and consider I train 6 times per week with weight (heavy trainings!!) I think if there would be anything wrong it would show... but hey yeah it's a risk i'm willing to take! Thanks for the warning anyways..

Definetly much better then megadosing vit b5- which made my acne two times worse!! also got cystic acne from it

I've tried a loot of shit for my acne- chemical peels, peroxide 2.5 to 10%, azelaic acid, salycilic acid, aha acids, retinol creams, megadosing vit b5, gugull extract, megadosing vit c,megadosing zinc, megadosing fish oil,oregano oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel,doxycycline, clindamycin, low carb diet, low fat diet,.. clay masks, honey& oil mask .

And beta carotene doesn't work, since your body has the ability to excrete it.. If I could get accutane, i'd try that another time but the doc isn't willing to prescribe it since my acne isn't bad enough!!

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