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Zinc, Sulfur & Sa

I just wanted to share my experiences with battling acne, sharing my findings, and logging what works against what doesn't.

I'm 30 and am still struggling with moderate/severe acne. Onset was pubert. Like alot of members here, Ive tried almost EVERYTHING ( Not including the hardcore, toxic stuff like Accutane). Ive had zero success with all the popular OTC anti acne products: Oxy, Nuetrogena, Clearasil, & there was nothing proactive about Pro Active! This gave me THE worst acne Ive ever experience in my life!

Thanks to the internet, I found this site & it changed my life! I finally had beautiful skin... until I ran out of BP & cleanser!gasp.gif One day I went to my local beauty supply store for a product for my locs, and BOOM! I discovered Acnegone ! I read the ingredients & saw tht it had sulfur as the active ingredient. Something clicked in my brain... years ago my mom had used sulfur to battlle her acne! So I bought the bar soap, toner, & moisturuzer ( spent just under $20) & bee-lined it home.

My trial period for new products in 1 full week (7 days, ppl). I fell in love! Not only did I not have to deal with purging, I had smooth baby soft, pimple free skin ! It also faded my dark spots ( I am a brown girlcool2.gif) after about a month of use!

Sadly enough, I found my pot of gold too late & Ac

negone has been discontinued. Although it can be still be found online markedup a few dollars than the price I paid in the beauty supply store.

Back at square one... again. In between the times Im on the regimen. what can I use to keep my face drama free?????!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGGG!

Possible solution: Zinc oxide, pill form-50 mg & paste form- 40%

Salicylic Acid .5% - Toner

Sulfur soap- Any suggestions?

Updates coming as soon as I find a sulfur soap

Started zinc- 9/15/12

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I agree - stock up on it while it's still around. Are you sure it's been discontinued though, because there's no mention of that on the company's website.

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There are many, many sulfur products available.

De La Cruz Ointment is available at most Walgreens. You can also search Amazon.com

Yes, there are, but what I don't like about the soaps is that they are highly perfumed to cover the odor of the sulfur. Perfumes can be very irritating.

The DeLa Cruz ointment worked wonders on my son's badly inflamed acne-ridden over the past summer. It lost it's effectiveness after 6 weeks, but salicylic acid is helping maintain at 90% clear which is fine by him. I am so grateful for that little $5.00 jar of wonder. I wish I'd found it before spending hundreds of dollars on dermatologists and prescriptions that didn't help.

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