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Tick Tock, Time Please Fly.

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Hiya Everyone!

Oh gosh I dunno where to start......... But yea basically I had moderate acne since I was 14 on and off. Normally on my forehead not so much on my face. But then I also get Keloids so because of acne I got several keloids on my chest as well. Nothing I can't take I just had to accept it.

So on and off went 7 years of my life, trying to remain optimistic. So then last year of uni, went a little crazy my chest flared so now I have more Keloids on my chest. So finally got myself to go to the docs got on some Antibiotics. Everything was starting to heal fine until 3 months ago I went to Shanghai for an internship. My face had an awful allergic reaction then got messed up and now I have very severe acne on my face too. But since I am in Shanghai and my doctor is in HK there wasnt very much he could do until I come back in which he will get me on Accutane as I did the blood works when I was last in HK. So now i have 12 days to go until I start and for the first time I feel so awful about my skin its ridiculous. I actually feel like crying. I had to take some ridiculous graduation photos with my severe acne which will be there for life as my graduation photos. I have 12 days until I go back to friends and family who has been worried sick about me since they know how badly I flared up and has freaked them out already on skype let alone in person when they will see me. I have been trying hard to smile and not mention anything while I work and where I am staying as I have been given a great opportunity by some ppl and don't want them to know how unhappy I have been, but damn Acne has really made a hell of 3 months here. Not only will I have to deal with the acne but also the scars. It feels awful walking into shops and ppl ask you what happened (it's that bad =( I will post pictures later)........ arghh im going crazy

Sorry I am just venting, I'm feeling awful right now............. 12 days until I start Accutane......... I just needed to vent a little before I finally get to take that thing!

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Tapas...sending a big hug your way. 12 days seems like a lifetime when you have acne. I have to wait 28 more days before getting my blood test to see if i even qualify for accutane so i know how hard waiting can be. The best you can do is to breathe, stay away from mirrors, talk with/be with friends and focus on other things that bring you joy. Keep in mind that being on accutane is going to be another long waiting period so you'll need to find that inner strength to hold on.

It will get better

Chin Up Hun

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Finally started my Accutane! I was very surprised when I weighed myself at the Dermatogist as I now weigh 48kg but 5 months ago I weighed 53-4!!!!! Guess my body has acted really weirdly along with my sudden bad acne. I really need to gain more weight soon. My bf is accusing me of skipping meals and being unhealthy as it's normally the reason why I lose weight! But yea so now I'm starting on 30mg a day so near 0.6mg/kg.

Haven't had dry skin/lips at all until today. Didn't even notice it until a frd of mine told me my lips were horribly dry and so now vaseline will be permantenly attached to me until I finish this course! My skin has been really dry and red today and so used the ORIGIN INTENSIVE MASK and it felt brilliant after that so it's definitely worth a try!

In terms of my Acne I have some horrible cyst on my jaw but my face is surprisingly smooth except for whiteheads which is a lot better than before where it was full of cyst and massive spots. My doc put me on antibiotics to avoid the initial breakout but I am hoping I don't need that soon as I dont want that much medicine all at once! But my doc said that lots of ppl gets depressed (and the accutane in the first place doesnt help that) with the initial breakout hence its better to control it than not.

I seriously hope time flies! I have an interview tomorrow and so I hope my face isnt too red when I wake up tomorrow! Will try to update on here more often!

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I posted something for you on my log but I just read the answer to my question here :) my face was red today too.. I hope it doesn't continue on like this! What antibiotic are you on? I was on doxy before my course started and the pharmacy made a big deal about not being on certain antibiotics while on accutane. Good luck on your interview!!!!

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I'm on clarithromycin and yep my dermatologist mentioned that some antibiotics are types of vitamin A so must be avoided during accutane! And thanks =)) Got the internship!!!


Arghhh my skin has been itching like crazy today =( And my neck is breaking out like crazy! I hardly have a smooth patch on my jaw =( Also a few new actives on my face yikesss. Guess I am having the initial breakout early ;(

But the good thing is that I have an internship now with a magazine so im super psyched about it! Seriously hope my skin improves soon as confidence really helps in the media industry and I don't wanna spend my day worrying about my acne =( Worse time to start my internship but guess I can't just bum around while im on accutane!!

Hopefully time can fly soon! Counting the days seems to make the day goes slower but ayyy can't help it!!!

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Day 6

My face was so itchy last night that I found it so hard to sleep. My skin is really dry in the first place so accutane makes the problem a lot worse! Other than that everything seems okay. My wrist hurts a little bit though which is weird as that doesn't normally happen and I wasnt working at the computer today so not sure if that is to do with Accutane!

But in general if I didn't remind myself I was on Accutane its not that different to a normal day so I am going to try to keep the mentality of thinking Accutane isnt that bad and it will all be okay!!!

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