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Alright, so I have alot of acne. Not big pimples but ALOT of pimples around my mouth and on my forehead, and a little on the side of my face. I have tried everything, and for a while i have changed my lifestyle hoping to better my acne, but nope. Got worse. I try to stay away from sugar and bad food, although i do eat junk just not all the time. For now on i am going with an all natural plan. Here is my new plan:


Take a shower and wash face with water from showerhead

Drink a cup of green tea with honey

Rub green tea bag on my face, wash off with water



Make a mix from oatmeal and water and rub it on my face, wash off with water

Drink a cup of green tea with honey

-Also I am going to drink alot of water

Any advice or tips?

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i personally never notice a correlation between what i eat and my acne, but being healthy is always a good idea! dont forget to brush your teeth/use whitening strips cuz green tea stains your teeth lol. from what i know oatmeal masks mostly just exfoliate, are you going to put anything on your face after you wash it? also, depending on your age, just being healthy might not make as much of a difference, i tried it last year (when i was 17, 18 now) and it just brought my skin back to the stage i was at before using topicals, which was a ton of under-the-skin zits and it takes forever to clear those out of your skin. you also might want to do yoga or pilates or just work out in general if youre not already, as opposed to only doing meditation. yeah. the end. :D

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Thanks for telling me that i will make sure to brush my teeth, and well what else should i use besides oatmeal?

no money for yoga

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