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Post Accutane Anxiety And Stress Issues

It's been a couple of months since I stopped taking accutane. I always had anxiety and stress problems, but havent really connected the Accutane use with it. Recently my anxiety/stress issues flared up. The feeling that my throat is blocked/squeezed and pressure on my head. These are (social) anxiety related symptoms.

When on Accutane, these moments of anxiety seemed to be more predictable. Now there more random, which got me thinking of treatment possibilities. Years ago I've had psychological help and took medicine (anti-depressants). The help didnt do much (talking) and the medicine just made me sleepy. Mind you that I took these medicines while on Accutane.

I rather not go the same route again so I searched for alternatives. Accutane users seem to have lower serotonine levens. Things like 5-HTP and L-tryptophan could be possitive help for the low serotonine levels. I also read some people on the forums got possitive results. I also came across Rhodiola. This seems to be the most effective solution for raisin the serotonine levels. Does anyone has experience with this?

I also would like to hear from people who suffer from the same problems as me. What do you do to deal with these issues?

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I never took accutane but it seems like hardcore yoga like headstand and shoulder stand helps with stress issues. Also yogurt/kefir contains tryptophan and oily fish, vegetable juice helps with depression.

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