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Accutane Log! Yet Another One.

Hello! I, much like yourself am constantly looking up other people's experiences with accutane. I just started it about 8 days ago, I've noticed dry lips and slightly dry skin, but I make sure to moisturize in the morning during the middle of the day and at night. I have been using Burt's Bees products because they are almost all 99% natural so I don't worry about any added perfumes and chemicals. I have noticed that when your face is peeling it can burn to put lotion on, so I also keep my moisturizer in the fridge, that way it is a cooling feeling and tends to get rid of some of the redness as well as moisturize.

Question for you, did you have very bad acne to begin with, or was it just consistent pimples here and there at all times?

All the videos and personal journals I have seen about accutane are those of people who have very very severe acne to begin with, so when they have their break out it is the whole face all swollen and bumpy, fortunately I have a minimal amount of acne, about 4 or 5 spots, but I always have them, there is never a point when my skin is totally clear and I have tried EVERYTHING else. I'm nervous to have an initial breakout because I can barley deal with the slight acne I have now, I couldn't imagine having my whole face covered in painful bumps.

any who, sorry for rambling, I hope your experience is going well, I also have slight back pain but it is definitely worth it for clear skin :)

- pumpkin_faces-02.png

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Burts bees feels soooo great on the lips, but unfortunately for me, it wears away in a matter of minutes; even seconds. But refridgerating tip sounds like a good idea (: I will try that thank you! And to answer your question, I had a severe cystic breakout last year but other than those 3 months, my acne sounds just like yours! VERY consistent and I haven't have had clear skin for the past year and a half. There's always those 3-5 pimples that take forever to go away and by the time those are gone, I have a new set to deal with + the pigmentation from the previous ones. -___- it's an ongoing cycle and my acne barely responded to the past rx medications. I hope we're both lucky enough to evade the initial break out because that's what i'm nervous for too! But for me, it seems like my skin is purging, but not all at once like a breakout. probably 1 or 2 at a time while blackheads are just coming straight out :] Good luck with your treatment as well! It'll all be worth it in the end.

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